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Scattered off the west coast of Greece, from Corfu in the north to Kythera in the south, the Ionian Islands are a true gem. According to Aeschylus, father of ancient Greek drama, the Ionian Sea takes its name after Io, an Argive princess and one of the many mortal lovers of god Zeus, that used to swim in its crystal clear waters. The Ionian Islands boast an alluring mix of superb beaches, turquoise waters, hiking trails, traditional villages, bustling towns, a delicious gastronomical tradition and plenty of history. Some, such as Corfu, have been popular destinations for decades. Others, including Meganissi, Antipaxos and Kastos retain an unexplored, unspoiled ambiance, where life is magnificently slow and tranquil. The Ionian islands are famous for their pristine beaches of golden sand and turquoise waters. But there is so much more to these beautiful islands. They are graced with a stunning natural environment of lush green forests and seas teeming with wildlife. Endless olive groves, pine and fir forests are home to wide diversity of flora and fauna in a mild and pleasant climate. Sea turtles, dolphins, rare birds and a variety of unique plants! Enjoy the warm hospitality of its people. Savor local delights and exquisite traditional wines! An unforgettable journey of the senses for you and your loved ones. Ideal for: natural beauty seekers, adventure lovers, active families and authentic experience gatherers. Based on the island of Lefkada, the 4th largest island of the archipelago, our Trekking Hellas team takes you off the beaten path, away tourist crowds. We offer unique and memorable experiences for thinking travelers.

All Activities

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Hike in Kolivata

4 hrs

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Sea Kayak, explore the impressive sea Caves

4 hrs

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Family Sea Kayak at Meganisi

4 hrs

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Sea Kayak in Nydri, Skorpios & Meganisi

6 hrs

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3 Days Sea Kayak Tour

3 days


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