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When you think of Greece, what picture comes into your mind?
Whitewashed island villages, a bright blue sky and crystal clear waters!

Welcome in the Cyclades*!
The gift offered to humanity by Poseidon, the ancient god of the sea, when he transformed Cyclades Nymphs into islands. Their mythical, yet real, beauty seduced poets, conquerors and world travelers of all times!
Their beaches are beyond description. Have unlimited water fun whether it is sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling in their crystal clear waters.
Enjoy amazing hikes with incredible views in the Aegean sea.
Hike or bike in old donkey trails among thyme, oregano, and wildflowers in an epical scenery.
Visit the iconic landmarks where mythology met history, creating one of the most ancient civilizations in the world.
Stroll in the narrow paved streets of their picturesque villages, that reflect the architectural wisdom of functional simplicity gained through the centuries.
Experience the authentic cultural festivities, ageless tradition and gastronomical surprises of the Cyclades islands.

Ideal for: Island hoppers, culture and history lovers, family beach holidays activists, sea kayaking explorers, wellness vacations seekers, and moderate trekking tour enthusiasts.

* The Cyclades is a Greek island group in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece, including 20 major and 200 smaller uninhabited islands.
The name refers to the islands forming a circle (the name in English means: “circular”) around the sacred island of Delos.

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Cyclades Islands, Santorini

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