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An unexplored peaceful giant, Mt. Kissavos! To the south of legendary Mt. Olympus lies its "brother" or "rival" from ancient times, Mt. Kissavos. A mountain full of dense forests of chestnut, beech and pine trees, canyons, streams and beautiful waterfalls, overlooking the Aegean Sea. This is Greece off the beaten path. The mountain is full of scenic small villages scattered around. From the ancient city of Melivoia in the foothills of the mountain, roads and footpaths crossing the forests lead to mountainous, traditional villages and centuries-old historic monasteries. Living history and culture are graced with a beautiful natural setting. Large part of Mt. Kissavos has been declared an ‘Aesthetic Forest’ and is protected by the European network of protected areas, NATURA 2000. The gorge of Kalypso, with a waterfall rushing down from 70 meters high takes your breath away! At its base the water accumulates into a large lagoon, where you can swim and enjoy the refreshing mountain water! The River Penaeus, that has carved the stunning Tempi Valley, a natural border between Mt. Kissavos and Mt. Olympus, is the perfect location for fascinating canoeing tours. As the river spills into the Aegean Sea, its Delta bursts with wildlife! Relaxing rib cruises along the Thessalian coastline, hidden treasures of the area reveal themselves. Take in the beautiful views of secret beaches and fascinating caves and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze with us      

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