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Rafting Lousios 9



Rafting Lousios

A divine river awaits for you to conquer it! Lousios river is where Zeus the ...
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Rafting Meteora 4



Rafting Meteora

An unforgettable rafting experience, overlooking the rocks of Meteora. We wil...
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Rafting Voidomatis 4

Epirus Zagori


Rafting Voidomatis

A relaxing rafting descent in the crystal clear waters of Voidomatis river, i...
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Semi Guided Mt.Olympus     2 day/1 night

Ralf Stelander / Katarina Engdahl Semi Guided Mt.Olympus 2 day/1 night 25-26 June 2019

Mt. Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, is a place of divine beauty, ble...
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Rappel in Meteora 9



Rappel in Meteora

A unique experience! Rappelling on the rocks of Meteora using climbing equipm...
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River Trekking PantaVrehei 3

Raz & Shapira Families x7 River Trekking PantaVrehei 8 JUL 2019

A river trek to a hidden paradise! Behind Mt.Kaliakouda lies a very well hidd...
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Relaxing Hike & Picnic - Mt. Parnassos National Park 1


Family, Hiking

Relaxing Hike & Picnic – Mt. Parnassos National Park

The National Park of Mt. Parnassos was created in 1938 and is with Mount Olym...
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Mt.Akramitis Hiking 1

Rhodes & Dodecanese Islands

Hiking, Self Guided Hiking

Rhodes Self Guided Hiking Tour

Rhodes possesses a unique historical and cultural heritage. Through history, ...
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Rib Cruise Venetos Caves


Rib Cruise

Rib Cruise Venetos Caves

We sail near beautiful bays and coastlines east of the mountains of Mavrovoun...
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