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Adventures in Santorini 3

Cycladic Islands, Santorini

Culinary, Gastronomy tour, Hiking, Sea Kayak

Adventures in Santorini

Want to spend 2 days off the beaten path in Santorini and live a large variet...
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Arachovian Gastronomy Tour 4


Culinary, Gastronomy tour, Hiking

Arachovian Gastronomy Tour

An unforgettable culinary experience. Our guide welcomes us under the shade o...
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Cretan, Farm to Table


Culinary, Gastronomy tour

Cretan, Farm to Table

This is a truly authentic experience in a small village in the mountains of C...
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Culinary Hiking Journey 6

Cycladic Islands, Santorini

Culinary, Gastronomy tour, Hiking

Culinary Hiking Journey

Explore the gorgeous, largely untouched landscapes of Santorini during a guid...
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Crete, Highlights Express 5


Family, Culinary, Gastronomy tour, Hiking

Highlights Express, Crete

Walk in the footsteps of Minoans in the palace of Knossos
  • Hike t...
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Meteora Experience 5


Culinary, Hiking

Meteora Experience

Enjoy an in-depth tour in the area of Meteora, with your own private guide!  ...
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Mushroom Hike 2

Epirus Zagori

Culinary, Gastronomy tour, Hiking

Mushroom Hike

A fine food enthusiast’s dream, mushroom foraging takes place during fall tim...
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The only NIGHT HIKE in Santorini

Cycladic Islands, Santorini

Culinary, Gastronomy tour, Hiking

The only night hike in Santorini

Hiking trails are nearly empty during the night in Santorini! A wonderful opp...
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