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Explore the lush side of Greek islands in the Ionian Sea.
According to Aeschylus, the father of ancient Greek drama, the Ionian Sea takes its name from Io, an Argive princess and one of the many mortal lovers of god Zeus, that used to swim in its crystal clear waters.

The Ionian islands are famous for their clear blue waters, home to a variety of small marine populations of fish and mollusks, and their lush landscapes graced with forests of pine and olive trees.

Discover the mythical beauty of the Ionian islands: picturesque beaches with sand or white pebbles, sea caves with magnificent stalactites and lagoons with rare birds.

Explore a unique natural environment endowed with a temperate climate: high mountains with shady canyons, crystal springs and rare plants.

Enjoy the hospitality of its people: savor local delights and the exquisite traditional wines, that will make this an unforgettable life journey for you and your beloved ones.

Ideal for: natural beauty seekers, adventure lovers, active families and authentic experiences gatherers.

Based on the island of Lefkada the local team of Trekking Hellas knows how to avoid the tourist masses and provide unforgettable experiences to demanding travelers.

Lefkada is the fourth largest island of the archipelago, surrounded by smaller islands, little natural wonders, such as Meganisi, Scorpios, Kastos, Kalamos, and others.

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