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The Peloponnese is… Greece in scale. Here you can find all the things that make Greece unique and your journey one of a kind!

Eternal breathtaking scenery: from high mountains (with the highest peak of Mount Taygetus in the south of the peninsula reaching 2,407 m.) with numerous hiking paths, to vast gorges, lively rivers and sandy beaches with clear blue sea.
Millennia of living history: from the prehistoric years and the mythological labors of Hercules, to the Mycenaean palaces, the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia, the Ancient theater of Epidaurus, the Byzantine citadel of Mystra, the Ottoman and Venetian fortresses and the little traditional villages.
A gastronomy and wine paradise: a fertile land famous for the extra virgin olive oil from the exquisite quality Koroneiki variety olives, its orange groves and the vineyards that produce high-quality wines.
Here is the place where the Greek word Philoxenia (hospitality) finds its true meaning. The warmth of its welcoming people makes you feel at home.

Ideal for: Culture lovers, outdoor and multi-sport enthusiasts, gastronomy and wine treasure hunters.

The Peloponnese, the largest Greek peninsula in the southern part of the country, is connected to the Greek mainland through the Corinth Canal (constructed in 1893) and the Rio-Antirio bridge. It has four south-pointing peninsulas (the Messenian, the Mani, the Cape Malea, and the Argolid).

It can satisfy every taste and make any journey an unforgettable experience offering amazing hikes, biking routes with interchanging mountain and coastal scenery, fast flowing rivers, and kilometers of coastline for surfers, kayakers, and sand castle builders!

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