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Rhodes, famous worldwide for one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes, is a wonderful island with a unique historical and cultural heritage.
Its incomparable natural beauty, mild climate and strategic position has attracted many conquerors throughout the centuries: Minoans, Phoenicians, ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Byzantines, knights, Jews, Ottomans, Levantines and Italians, all of whom contributed to its rich cultural heritage.

Rhodes is the historical capital and the largest of Dodecanese islands.

Nowadays it is a popular cosmopolitan destination with almost permanent sunshine, and a beautiful Old Town boasting with perfectly preserved buildings and monuments of the Classical, Medieval, Ottoman and Italian eras. An open-air architectural museum!

Discover the alternative routes and getaways on the island. In the past, the trails of the island created a social and trading network between the villages, were used for agriculture and livestock farming or lead to pilgrimage sites and places of religious devotion.

Explore the island’s natural terrain and its unique natural environment, that offers exciting routes for cycling, mountain bike, hiking and sea excursions.

Enjoy a deep cultural experience in an unspoiled piece of land and enjoy the breathtaking views alternating between the deep blue of the Greek sky, charming sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Ideal for: history and culture enthusiasts, nature lovers, activity seekers, happy travelers.

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