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Incomparable natural beauty, the home of antique Cycladic civilization and a nowadays top destination for quality holidays seekers from around the globe, Santorini offers more than anyone could expect!

Santorini island has shaped by the volcano eruption, around 1.600 BC, that gave it the characteristic multi colored cliffs soaring above the deep blue sea-drowned caldera.

Explore its volcanic ground, unique around the world, with our pioneering programs, either for on sea exploration, or hiking on it.

Discover the colorful beaches
, the whitewashed villages with blue dome churches, one of the greater sunset spots in the world at the gorgeous traditional hilltop village of Oia, and the vivid night life.

Enjoy relaxing moments overlooking the caldera, or a vast variety of activities, ranging from tours to excellent wineries and gourmet experiences, to water sports on the Aegean crystal waters.

Santorini, considered to be the lost Atlantis, is the magical island that has the power to seduce every traveler, and makes you wish to visit all over again!

Ideal for: nature and culture enthusiasts, activity lovers, peaceful holiday seekers, romantic travelers, gastronomy connoisseurs!

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