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Which island can boast that it is the only place in Greece where its visitors can witness at least 5,500 years of uninterrupted history?

Welcome to Aegina!

In addition to the Archeological museum’s exhibits with its oldest piece dating back to 3,500 years BC, the unique temple of Aphaia, middle-age settlements, centennial olive groves and modern art museums, Aegina is home to the historical buildings of the new independent state which cannot be found anywhere else, since it became the first capital of independent Greece in 1828!

At only 16.5 nautical miles (about 27 km) from the port of Piraeus, a 40-minute ride on the hydrofoil or just over an hour on the regular boat, it is a popular and beloved destination for Athenians and visitors from all over the world throughout the year, due to its large local population and regular connection to Piraeus. Aegina is as much as a sanctuary for some of the country’s biggest writers and artists, captivated by the island’s unique clarity of light famous since antiquity, as it is a sacred land for pilgrims from around the world visiting the famous and imposing monastery of St. Nektarios.

Experience Aegina’s stunning sunsets, savor one of the world’s best pistachio right off the tree, swim under ancient ruins, hike in the beautiful trails! History and nature are at a continuous play, making Aegina an ideal destination for culture and history lovers, families and nature enthusiasts!

Aegina Self Guided Hiking Tour

Aegina & Saronic Islands

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Aegina Self Guided Hiking Tour

Explore 5,500 years of history in one island! Unique hikes combining history ...
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