A Taste of Naxos

A Taste of Naxos

Visit the local market, shop and sample different kinds of traditional products that you are going to use in your cooking lesson. Enjoy your traditional homemade meal

April 1-October 31
4 hrs
A Taste of Naxos
Price from €110


Stroll down the cobblestone alleys of Chora, Naxos main town. In the company of your guide, you’ll make the rounds of the local produce market the way the Naxos people do. Once there, you’ll pick and choose your own local, fresh, seasonal produce, bursting with fragrances, colors, and flavor. You’ll be putting your vegetables to good use during the cooking course that will follow.

Your route will also take you to tiny traditional shops, hidden in the alleys of Chora, where you’ll find out all about the traditional products that Naxos is famous for throughout Greece: olives, olive oil, honey, potatoes, fruit, cheeses, and meat from Naxos are sought for and in great demand.

At some of the shops you’ll have the chance to sample the actual products. Sampling the amazing local cheeses will simply delight you. You’ll be equally delighted when you sample  versions of the signature Naxos liqueur made from citron, a citrus fruit.

Our tour will take you down the maze-like alleys of the Chora castle built in the 13th century when Venetian rule started on Naxos and the island was known as the Duchy of Naxos. You will get a glimpse of local life in those times of yore and come to appreciate not only the beauty of Cycladic architecture but its functionality  as well.

Your walk will end at a small traditional taverna where you’ll meet the talented chef we work with. He’ll ask you to help him with the preparation and, step by step, he’ll show you how to make mouthwatering, traditional appetizers and the renowned Greek salad, all the while paying tribute to the Mediterranean’s flavors and aromas.

Next, comes the greatest part of the tour. We’ll all be sitting down to share the dishes you made yourself, along with another Greek traditional dish prepared by our chef. We’ll raise our glasses, toast each other, and enjoy a day spent in enjoying and experiencing.

Meeting time
Visit the local market, shop your own ingredients,that you are going to use in your cooking lesson, cheese- and liqueur-tasting
10.00 - 12.00
Cooking class
12.00 - 13.15
Enjoy your own homemade meal
13.15 -14.00


  • Visit the local market: pick your own local, fresh, seasonal produce that you are going to use in your cooking lesson.
  • Cheese- and liqueur-tasting.
  • Stroll down the maze-like alleys of the Chora castle built in the 13th century.
  • Visit traditional shops hidden in the cobblestoned alleys of Chora.
  • Cooking class: learn how to make step by step delicious appetizers and food that Greece is famous for.
3.8 km / 2.3 mi
99 m / 324 ft
+258 m / 846 ft
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- 271 m / 889 ft
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General Info

4 hrs
April 1-October 31


Participation requirements

  • Ages 7+
  • Basic physical condition

Tour inclusions

  • English speaking Trekking Hellas Guide
  • First aid kits and other necessary equipment
  • Cheese tasting, liqueur tasting
  • Cooking class
  • Meal
  • Liability insurance
  • Taxes

Tour exclusions

  • What is not mentioned above
  • Gratuities


A Taste of Naxos

Visit the local market, shop and sample different kinds of traditional products that you are going to use in your cooking lesson. Enjoy your traditional homemade meal

Price from €110



Starting time

The starting time of the tour is set at 09.00 for guests who do not wish to use our pick-up service and choose to meet us at the starting point.

For those who choose the pick-up-and-drop–off add-on, the pick-up time will be sent to them the day before the tour - it will be at approximately 08.00 (depending on the location of your accommodations), and the tour will start at 09.00.

Private Departures

This tour can be operated on a private basis on request.

Other languages available (besides English): Russian.

What should I bring with me

What is listed above in Equipment section

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