Preveza - Amvrakikos

An area of great ecological importance and special beauty

The secrets of the Amvrakikos lagoon

In Amvrakikos GULF, one of the largest gulfs in Greece, the rivers Louros and Arachthos pour their waters in the north, and the smallest river of Nissa in the south. There are also 24 lagoons, which create an extremely fertile environment for a variety of plants and animals. Sea turtles, dolphins, skates and many other animals find shelter here! Trekking Hellas offers excursions with single or two-seater canoe-kayak boats in the beautiful lake Ziros and the Amvrakikos Gulf for those who wish to enjoy the beauties of the area by rowing in clear blue waters! Another exciting activity for adrenaline lovers is the descent of the river Acheron. A 15 km route with single, two or three seater monoraft / hot dog boats. This is a descent with a fairly high degree of difficulty, which requires previous experience in rivers of grade 3 and above.

Explore the wider Preveza-Amvrakikos area with Trekking Hellas or plan the activity that suits you with the help of our experienced team! All our programs are staffed with well-trained guides, always meet the safety rules and comply with the prescribed specifications.

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