Mount Olympus

The mountain of gods

Explore the mythical mountain

Active holidays in mythical Mt Olympus! Trekking Hellas offers a variety of day activities and multi day tours for all types of travelers. Easy gentle hikes for families, classic guided or self guided tours and fast track one day ascends to the peaks of Olympus for avid hikers. Mt. Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, is a place of divine beauty! It was blessed by ancient Greek gods and chosen by Zeus to host their home. Discover its spectacular natural diversity. More than 1500 plant species, some of them rare and endemic, as well as wolves, jackals, deer and some endangered bird and butterfly species. Explore a monumental natural landscape with thickly forested slopes and steep rocky foggy and cloud covered peaks. Ideal for: nature lovers, hike and climb enthusiasts, flora and fauna beauty admirers.

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All Activities

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Olympus Family Hike

2.5 hrs

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Mt. Olympus Highlights

6-7 hours

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Hiking in Mt Olympus National Park

3 hrs

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Enipeas Gorge

7 hrs

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Agapitos Hut (2,100m) Hike

7 hrs

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Jeep off Road Tour

5 hrs

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1 Day summit Olympus

9 hrs


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