Tsivlos Lake

A magnificently bluish-green lake

The lake with the "buried village"

At an altitude of 780m. and just 2 hours drive away from Athens, one can find this wonderful creation of nature! A natural lake with a life of less than a hundred years since it was added to the geophysical map of the area only in 1913. It was created after a landslide in 1913, resulting in the disappearance of two villages. The volume of land that was violently detached, blocked the bed of river Krathis, thus creating two lakes with its waters. Over the years, one lake dried up, leaving only the one that took its name from the village that existed there.

It is considered one of the youngest mountain lakes in Europe and is surrounded by a beautiful chestnut forest, among lush firs and pines with a rich ecosystem.

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Hiking and Canoeing Lake Tsivlou

5 hrs


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