Choked with pine trees, rivers, multiple hiking routes, traditional villages and local delicacies

Switzerland of Greece

Karpenissi is often called 'Switzerland of Greece' because of its mountainous terrain and wild beauty, not commonly found in the Mediterranean. Discover the traditional little town of Karpenissi! An alpine-style town, with chalets, scenic churches and cozy cafes with rustic fireplaces. Join us for challenging hikes, mountain bike routes or off-road adventures! Explore beautiful rivers, deep ravines and blue lakes through our unique adventures. Don’t miss the gorge of PantaVrehei (in Greek: always rains!). The Monastery of Prousos, spectacularly built on the edge of a ravine. Our via Ferrata tour in the Gorge of the Black Cave. Enjoy lovely walks in the area, or a 4X4 drive through the fir and chestnut forests to beautiful villages and cliff hanging monasteries. Ideal for: nature lovers, authentic experience seekers and action enthusiasts. Karpenissi, the fascinating capital of the mountainous prefecture of Evritania, lies in the well-wooded foothills of Mt. Velouchi (also mentioned as Mt. Tymfristos on some maps) and is surrounded by three impressive mountains rising up to almost 2.000 m.

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