Small Cyclades

Unexplored territories in the Aegean hush-hush treasure

The Incrediblue islands

A unique island complex, a miniature of beauty, simplicity and peace. There are actually about a dozen baby Cyclades, but only four are inhabited in our times: Donoússa, Páno Koufoníssi, Skhinoússa, and Irakliá. Three are clustered south of Naxos: Iraklia (the largest of the group at 19 sq km), Schinoussa and Koufonissia. Koufonissia in fact comprises three islands – the main one, Ano (or Pano) Koufonissi, has a population of 400 and is the largest settlement in the Small Cyclades. The fourth island in the medley, Donoussa, sits apart from the rest, to Naxos’ northeast. It offers the most secluded, end-of-the-line experience of the group. The islands are receiving a growing number of independent-minded travellers – regular visitors prefer limited publicity for the group

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All Activities

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Sea kayaking into the sunset

2,5 hrs

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Sea kayaking Schinoussa

3,5 hrs

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Surf kayaking in Schinoussa

3 hrs


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