Spring is approaching and with it comes new exciting programs, full of action and adrenaline! If you love active holidays and are looking forward to exploring the Saronic Islands in a completely different way, this blog post is for you. From this May onwards, forget the usual island getaways and fill your days with swimming, exploring, running, cycling, and great company, all against the backdrop of the magnificent Aegean Sea!

The "Meet The Locals" column is back to unveil the secrets of our people across Greece! This month, our focus is on a topic close to everyone's heart... especially when we're on the move! Today, we delve into the realm of food, exploring the flavors that transport us to our beloved locales.

Welcome to Thessaloniki, also known as the "Nymph of Thermaikos"! 🌟 As the second largest city in Greece, bustling with life day and night, it holds an irresistible charm waiting

A commercial celebration or a reason to celebrate? Whatever your view on Valentine's Day, it's time to break out of the routine! According to surveys (Huawei, 2024), 64% of respondents are tired of the same old dates and crave more imaginative experiences with their partners. In fact, 69% would prefer shared experiences such as outdoor activities! That's why we've compiled the most innovative ways to spend the day with your partner, whether you're commemorating the occasion or not!

Preparing for your upcoming hike, whether it's a quick jaunt near the city or an extended trek through the mountains, requires careful consideration of your attire. Your clothing and footwear choices are crucial for ensuring comfort, safety, and protection against the elements. If you're unsure about what to wear on your next hike, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the trails with confidence and style.

Let’s dive into the beauty of these carefully chosen lakes in Greece, celebrating the essence of World Wetlands Day on February 2! This dedicated day serves as a tribute to the vital role wetlands play in our ecosystems. Today, we're excited to revisit renowned lakes like Tsivlou and Plastira while unveiling hidden gems you may not be familiar with, such as the enchanting Lake Skiti!

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