Are you ready to explore the amazing world of trekking in Greece? Before you venture into awe-inspiring landscapes and unique trails, hold on! Let’s pack your bags with the right gear; the equipment that screams “I’m ready for anything”. Discover the ultimate packing essentials for trekking in Greece:

Situated in the southern mainland of Greece, Taygetus proudly stands as the highest mountain range in the Peloponnese region! Its magnificent peaks, vast expanse, and rich mythological heritage make it a destination shrouded in mystery and allure. Let's take a virtual journey to Taygetos, delving into its legends, landscapes, and the enigmatic phenomenon of the pyramid shadow.

Trekking Hellas is thrilled to announce the opening of its 20th local base in the captivating island of Naxos. Often mentioned as the "Queen of the Cyclades," Naxos offers an abundance of diverse experiences that blend traditional island charm with modern vibes, making it an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

While there are many places to go rafting around the world, Greece stands out as one of the best spots for this thrilling sport. Its majestic rivers and picturesque scenery provide an unparalleled rafting adventure in Europe. Here are our suggestions for the best destinations for rafting in Greece!

With Whit Monday approaching on June 5th, 2023, it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and make the most of the day, even if you are stuck in the city! In this blog post, we will explore five exciting activities you can engage in:

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