Mount Parnitha

The nearest national park to a capital city in Europe

An essential escape from the buzzy city

It is located just 30 kilometers away from Athens city center. Parnitha occupies an area of ​​300 sq.m. and is home to about 30 species of mammals and 120 species of birds. At the same time there are about 800 different species of herbs and plants. Typical animal of Parnitha is the Red Deer, Cervus elaphus. With an extensive network of trails there are endless trails for hiking, mountain biking and exploring the forest and the mountain caves. The trampled god Panas used, according to the legend, to come to Parnitha to play music and dance in the forest. The area was first inhabited during the Mycenaean period. It has always been a key point for the defense of Attica, as it was the most fortified mountain in ancient Greece. Trekking Hellas designs and implements exciting programs for young and old, companies and schools in this beautiful mountain of Attica. Based at Bafi Refuge (1.161 m.) we go out to experience unique mountain adventures all year round!

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All Activities

School day-trip: Hiking & Eco tour in the National Park of Parnitha

2-3 hours


School day-trip: Exploring the forest of Parnitha

2-3 hours


School day-trip: Trekking Hellas Challenge - Group games at Parnitha

2-3 hours


School day-trip: Orienteering or Treasure Hunt in the forest of Parnitha

2 -3 hours


School day-trip: Adventure Time in Parnitha

2-3 hours


School day-trip: Mountain Bike in Parnitha

3 hours

trekking icon

Canyoning in Gkoura, Parnitha

9 hrs

trekking icon

Parnitha Hiking Full-day Tour

4 hrs


Kids party: Hiking in the Parnitha fir forest

1 to 3 hours


Kids party: Exploring the forest of Parnitha

2 hours


Kids party: Trekking Hellas Challenge in Parnitha

3 hours


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