Beautiful beaches with emerald waters. Kind welcoming people full of smiles. Picturesque mountain villages, with beautiful aesthetics and... probably the most delicious cuisine of the Aegean!

The queen of the Cyclades

The largest island of the Cyclades offers a wealth of different experiences to visitors! It harmoniously combines traditional elements with modern comforts, the castles of legends with ancient temples and medieval villages, seascapes with fertile valleys, quiet escapes and lively nightlife, enchanting beaches and amazing food.

The place where tradition meets genuine island hospitality!

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All Activities

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Countryside hike among villages & Byzantine churches

4,5 hrs

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Hike to the top of the Cyclades - Mount Zas

4 hrs

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“Rhina Cave” Sea Kayaking Tour

4,5 hrs

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Inland hike among picturesque villages - Kouroi statues, Apano Kastro

4,5 hrs


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