Our History

Our History

Since its establishment in 1986, Trekking Hellas Group of Companies has become the largest travel agency specializing in outdoor activities in Greece.  Over its 38-year journey, the company has built a stellar reputation both domestically and internationally, providing exceptional services for individuals and groups seeking outdoor adventures, activities, and events.

1986-1990: The Early Years

Trekking Hellas was born in 1986 on a Himalayan peak, inspired by Michael Tsoukias and Christos Lambris' shared passion for nature, exploration, and adventure. The company's inaugural success was a 15-day trekking expedition in Meteora, Agrafa, and Delphi for the French adventure company "Explorator."

The company quickly became a leading guide for tourists exploring Greece's less-traveled paths, including Agrafa, Olympus, the White Mountains, and Taygetos.  Innovative offerings like sailing trips around Crete and the Peloponnese, and rubber dinghy tours in the Ionian Islands, further solidified Trekking Hellas' pioneering spirit.

In this period, the company expanded its reach beyond Greece, organizing its first trips for Greeks to Nepal and India, and embarking on a month-long, 5,000km journey through the Sahara.  The late 1980s also saw the company's first forays into rafting in Greece, culminating in the first commercial rafting descent of the Nestos River in 1989.

1991-1995: Exploration and Expansion

Trekking Hellas continued to expand its horizons with trips to Peru, Yemen, Jordan, Kilimanjaro, Tibet, and Kashmir. In Greece, the company introduced jeep safaris and organized the selection of the Greek crew for the Camel Trophy for ten consecutive years.

The company's expertise in rafting grew, with guides receiving professional training in France and the introduction of professional rafting equipment and standards to Greece.  Trekking Hellas diversified its activities with canyoning, river trekking, canoeing, mountain biking, and more.

In 1992, the company launched its first kids' camping trip, setting the stage for its future focus on young adventurers.

1996-2000: Franchising and Growth

In 1997, Trekking Hellas Thessalia was founded, marking the company's first regional expansion. Rafting's popularity soared, with thousands embracing the activity on rivers across Greece.

The Trekking Hellas Group was established, utilizing a franchising model to expand into new regions. The company began organizing corporate events and collaborating with renowned international adventure tour operators.

In 1998, Trekking Hellas' first website was launched, and the company secured sponsorships from major brands like METAXA, SONY, STIHL, and FAGE. The company continued to earn accolades, with its sea kayaking and horse-riding trips recognized by National Geographic Adventure magazine.

2001-2005: Corporate Events and Market Segmentation

This period was defined by successful collaborations with major Greek and international companies, including Parks & Davis, Adel, Saatchi & Saatchi, Coca-Cola, and Hyundai.

Trekking Hellas segmented its market, creating three distinct websites for domestic, inbound, and corporate tourism. The company's iconic logo featuring Mitsos was also updated to appeal to these different markets.

2006-2010: Trekking Kids and Inbound Tourism

Trekking Hellas celebrated its 20th anniversary with a group meeting in Albania.  The company's focus on young adventurers intensified with the launch of Adventure Camps and the development of mobile camps.

Major corporate events continued, including the successful pan-European launch of Nissan's new X-Trail model in Papingo. The inbound tourism division flourished, partnering with leading US adventure travel agencies. A new, comprehensive website was launched in 2009.

2011-2015: Digital Transformation and New Activities

Trekking Hellas shifted towards inbound tourism, enriching its offerings with cultural and culinary experiences, and expanding activities to the islands and popular destinations like Meteora, Olympus, Zagori, and Delphi.  The company embraced digital technology, aiming to reach international visitors directly.

A new website was developed to facilitate direct bookings, and the company added kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, snowshoeing, and ski mountaineering to its diverse range of activities.

2016-2020: Youth Focus and Global Recognition

Trekking Hellas continued its commitment to young explorers, launching the "Youth Rafting Competition" in 2017, which later evolved into a nationwide "Festival." New camps were established in Parnassos and Achaia.

The inbound customer division thrived, earning prestigious awards and global recognition as an ATTA Ambassador. The company's online presence grew, with a robust social media following.

Tragically, in 2020, the Trekking Hellas family lost its founder, Michael Tsoukias, to COVID-19. The company adapted to the challenges of the pandemic, offering virtual tours and educational programs, implementing safety protocols, and continuing to provide outdoor activities and kids' camps.

2021-Present: Continued Growth and Innovation

Trekking Hellas prioritized internal development, launching the "School of Outdoors" and developing new activities for domestic tourism. The company embraced digital transformation, launching a new website and logo, and expanding its social media presence.

New franchises were established, and the company continued to add new programs and destinations, including Chania, Schinoussa, and Naxos. Trekking Hellas remains committed to its founding principles of adventure, exploration, and respect for nature, while continuously evolving to meet the needs of modern travelers.

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