Jeep Safari and Hiking in Valia Calda

Jeep Safari and Hiking in Valia Calda

Stunning nature!

March - November
6 hrs
Jeep Safari and Hiking in Valia Calda
Price from €45


An exciting hiking and off-road experience with 4x4 vehicles in the heart of the Pindos National Park, Valia Calda!

A particularly inaccessible area of the Pindos mountain range on the border between the prefectures of Grevena and Ioannina. The park includes the valley of Valia Calda and Arkoudorema as well as the mountains of Lygos and Mavrovouni.

The starting point of the "Jeep Safari & hiking in Valia Calda" is the entrances of the park from the village of Krania (see the meeting point here) or the village of Milia (see the meeting point here) to the heart, valley of the national park.

Meeting point
Krania village main square (entrance to the park from Krania) from Grevena
Meeting point
Entrance of Milea village (provincial road Metsovo - Grevena) from Metsovo
Meeting time
End of activity


Starting from our base, we will approach the forest by choosing one of the three entrances located near the village of Krania. After 1 hour of driving on a dirt road for approximately 16 km we will leave our four-wheel drive vehicles in the valley. Then we will follow the path - forest road that crosses the dense forest, enjoying this wonderful landscape. We will hike in a unique ecosystem with rushing streams, forests of black pine, with the unique stands of Leukodermis pine, "Rombola" and the rare red pines "pinus sylvestris".

During the autumn season we can admire the wonderful colors in shades of red, yellow, green, created by the leaves of Beech and other broad-leaved trees.

Our experienced guide will reveal to us all the 'secrets' of the forest's flora and fauna. We don't miss the opportunity to look for the protected and rare species of alpine Newts, Ichthyosaura alpestris and the special frog Bombina variegate in the cold waters of streams and alpine lakes. We will reach Arkoudorema and depending on the season we can "wet" our feet or swim in the natural pedestals with the crystal clear waters. We will follow the same path on our four wheel drive vehicles to return to our meeting point.

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General Info

6 hrs
March - November

45€/pp for 4 participants
50€/pp for 3 participants
70€/pp for 2 participants


Technical information

Long Hike: 9,8 km on a gentle path
Altitude difference: +478m
Highest point       : 1.415m
Lowest point        : 1,217m

Short hike: 5km

Jeep Safari: 16km + 16km of dirt road, at the start and end of activity 

Participation requirements

  • 6 years and older
  • Basic physical condition

Tour inclusions

  • All necessary local transfers for the operation of the activity
  • English speaking Trekking Hellas Guide
  • All necessary equipment for the operation of the activity 
  • Walking sticks
  • Taxes
  • Liability insurance

* Hotel pick up & drop up is possible upon prior communication

** Local traditional picnic can be arranged (upon request and at extra charge)


Tour exclusions

  • What is not mentioned above

Analytical program

09.00: Meeting and transfer with our company's 4X4 vehicles to the valley of the park
10.15: Hiking
15.00: Return to the meeting point


Jeep Safari and Hiking in Valia Calda

Stunning nature!

Price from €45




  • What is listed above in Equipment section

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