Mongolia 13 - 24 September 2023

Mongolia 13 - 24 September 2023

An immersive journey into Mongolian culture and the awe-inspiring Gobi Desert

13 - 24 September 2023
Open dates as semi-guided from July to September
12 days
Mongolia 13 - 24 September 2023
Price from €3200


The term "Mongol" was first used in Chinese writings in the 9th century, describing "people who follow the tails of their horses" as they moved in search of grass for their herds. Mongolia's history as a nation began in 1206, when Temujin, later known as Chingis Khan, came to power and managed to unite previously warring nomadic tribes into one nation, creating one of the largest empires in history, stretching as far as Turkey and Poland.

Today, Mongolia is an enclosed country bordered only by Russia and China. With a very low population density, the country boasts spectacular landscapes with vast steppes, steep mountains, clear lakes, deserts, gorges, and abundant wildlife. Almost one-fifth of the country is covered by protected areas, and the government is working to increase their number.

Nomadic culture is a central part of Mongolian life, with herders known for their generous hospitality, often opening up their traditional yurts to visitors. Guests should be prepared to reciprocate with small gifts for the children.

Beyond the vast and uninhabited areas, incredible images await, such as horses, gazelles, and camels roaming free, Kazakh hunters practicing their ancient technique of hunting with golden eagles, and an explosive starry sky. The country's prehistory is also remarkable, with evidence of human civilization hundreds of thousands of years old and relics of archaic life millions of years old.

This trip offers the opportunity to meet Kazakh hunters and witness the ancient tradition of hunting with golden eagles, as well as to traverse Mongolia on a 2,600 km route through valleys, steppes, gorges, and deserts. This adventure is ideal for those who are looking to experience one of the last authentic corners of our planet and are not concerned with luxury accommodations.

Day 1
Flight via Istanbul
Day 2
Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and tour
Day 3
Flight to Olgii, Kazak hunter
Day 4
Lake Tolbo – Golden Eagle Festival
Day 5
Driving in the city of Altai
Day 6
Driving in Bayankhongor
Day 7
Day 8
Petroglyphs in Bichigt - Zulganai Oasis
Day 9
Dunes "Khongoriin Els Sand "
Day 10
Flaming Red Cliffs (Bayanzag)
Day 11
Return to Ulaanbaatar
Day 12
Return flight

Activities / Schedule

Flight via Istanbul

Meeting at Eleftherios Venizelos airport and taking a flight with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul to Mongolia. The departure time is 15:40.


Upon arrival in the morning at 07:10 at Ulaanbaatar airport, we will be transferred to the Best Western hotel, which is conveniently located near the main square of the city. Accompanied by a guide, we will visit some of the city's major attractions, including the majestic statue of Genghis Khan and the National Museum, which presents the history of Mongolia from early times to modern times. In the afternoon, we will have free time to walk around the city before enjoying an evening welcome dinner with our guide for the upcoming trek.

Flight Olgii, Kazakh falconer

In the early morning, we will transfer to the airport for a flight to Olgii town in Western Mongolia, the home of the mountainous Muslim Kazakhs. Upon arrival, we will transfer to the hotel and explore this small provincial capital, which is dominated by low clay buildings and occasional mosque roofs.

The hunting with golden eagles is an ancient tradition that has been kept by the Kazakhs in Western Mongolia for centuries. The program includes a visit to the home of a famous hunter where we will learn about his craft and golden eagles. During our visit, we will also experience other Kazakh household chores such as animal care and cooking.

At the end of the day, we will return to Olgii for dinner and an overnight stay.

Tolbo Lake - Golden Eagle Festival

On this day, we will drive to Tolbo Lake, which is located at an altitude of 2,080 m, and attend the annual Golden Eagle Hunting Festival. The festival features various events held by the lake, including archery and horse riding competitions, as well as Kazakh hunters demonstrating their art.

We will spend the night in large traditional yurt-style tents. The evening can get very cold, with temperatures approaching zero degrees, so it's important to come prepared with appropriate clothing.

The day's route covers a distance of 80 km and takes approximately 1 ½ hours to complete.

Driving Khovd - Altai Town

With Toyota Land Cruiser cars, we will continue our journey southeast to our day destination, the local capital of Altai, situated in the middle of a mountainous steppe. The paved road runs along the Altai mountain range, which features some spectacular snow-capped peaks. During the journey, we will stop at the Khoid Tsenkher cave, where prehistoric rock paintings dating back 40,000 years can be found.

Upon arrival in Altai, we will check into a hotel for our overnight stay and dinner.

The day trip covers a distance of 590 km and takes 7-8 hours to complete.


Continuing our journey, we head east towards the Khangai mountain range. This area receives occasional rainfall, which supports moderate grasslands, and also feeds several rivers that form lakes without runoff.

We arrive at Bayankhongor, a small town and the capital of the local province, located on the southern foothills of the range. Many of the neighborhoods consist of yurt tents.

We will stay overnight in a hotel.

The total distance covered on this day trip is 290 km, and the duration of the journey is around 4 hours.


Today we continue south along the Tuin River, one of the few desert rivers that flows from the Khangai mountain range to Lake Orog, an undrained lake in the desert.

During the day, we visit Tsagaan Agui (White Cave), which is a site where abundant archaeological evidence of human settlement and tools from the Stone Age dating back 700 thousand years has been found.

In the afternoon, the route ends at the village of Khatansuudal, where we will spend the night in a tourist camp in traditional Mongolian yurt-type tents. Tents of this type have been an integral part of Mongolian culture for thousands of years, and even today, half of Mongolia's population continues to live in such tents. Tourist camps with these types of tents offer relative comforts and, in some areas, are the only accommodation option when the goal is to explore Mongolian nature.

Day trip 310 km, 7-8 hours.

Petroglyphs in Bichigt - Zulganai Oasis

Our journey continues south towards the Gobi Desert, following dirt roads that cross vast desert areas where we may occasionally spot a herd of gazelles disappearing into the mirages on the horizon.

Our first stop is Bichigt, an area with impressive prehistoric rock paintings that depict wild sheep, goats, deer, wolves, and snow leopards. Our second destination is Bugiin Tsav, a series of eroded valleys that contain relics of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life. The natural elements of sun, wind, and water have created supernatural landscapes, which we will explore on foot.

Finally, we will visit the Zulganai Oasis, a single expanse of wild vegetation in the midst of huge sand dunes. The plants are fed by an underground spring that also serves as a drinking water source for the wildlife. We will then proceed to the village of Gurvantes, where we will spend the night in traditional yurt or ger tents.

The day trip will cover 180 km and take around 7 hours.

Dunes "Khongoriin Els Sand "

Today we travel to the east, crossing vast expanses of the Gobi Desert towards the Gurvan Saikhan mountain range until we reach the Khongoriin Els Sand dunes.

This remote area is harsh and only accessible with the help of experienced guides and ample supplies of food, water, and fuel.

The sand dunes stretch for almost 100 kilometers, with the tallest one reaching a height of 200 meters. Some locals refer to them as "singing dunes" due to the strange humming sound that is often heard on windy days. The sound is produced as fine sand accumulates on the tops of the dunes and eventually collapses. We will settle into a comfortable ger camp located near the majestic dunes and climb up the highest dune in the area.

Day trip 250 km, 5-6 hours.

Flaming Red Cliffs (Bayanzag)

Continuing our journey, we will reach the Flaming Red Cliffs, a world-famous dinosaur fossil site where, in the 1920s, a series of expeditions by Americans discovered the first dinosaur egg nests, new species of dinosaurs, and fossils of early mammals that coexisted with early reptiles. After arriving at the cliffs, which stand out against the vast arid plain, we will explore them on foot and continue to an overnight stay at a welcoming ger camp in the middle of the desert.

Day trip: 210 km, 5-6 hours.

Back to Ulaanbaatar

On our final day, we will return to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar with several short rest stops along the way. Upon arrival, we will check-in at the hotel and enjoy a farewell dinner together.

The total distance traveled will be approximately 680 km and the journey is expected to take around 9 hours.

Return flight

We will transfer to the airport in the morning for the return flight via Istanbul-Lis, departing at 08:40 and arriving in Athens at 20:15.

Important Info

In a glance

Tugrik (MNT) with exchange rate 1€ = 3.788 MNT
Ulaanbaatar +6 hours winter time, + 7 hours summer time


  • Participation in the events of the famous Golden Eagle Festival of Mongolia
  • Getting to know the daily life and the hunting art of a famous Kazakh hunter
  • Visit to sites with examples of prehistoric art and archaic civilization such as petroglyphs and rock paintings dating back 700,000 years
  • Crossing the unforgiving Gobi Desert and exploring the giant dunes
  • Exploring valleys with fossils of dinosaurs, sea turtles and other animals billions of years old
  • Accommodation in traditional Mongolian ger and yurt tents

Fixed Departures

  • 13 - 24 September 2023

  • Open dates as semi-guided from July to September

Price per person

    • €3,490 for 8-9 participants
    • €3,200 for 10-12 participants


  1. Prices are calculated based on an exchange rate of €1 = $1.05. Any changes to this ratio may affect the final selling price.
  2. Groups of 2 or more people can request a different departure date and customize the package according to their preferences. The final price may be adjusted accordingly based on the level of hotel and other services requested.
  3. Airline tickets are subject to availability and prices at the time of issuance. It's recommended to plan and book early to secure seats and a good price. Otherwise, it may be necessary to reschedule the departure, return, and trip duration if the planned flights are not available.

Level of difficulty

  • 3/5

Book your seat

To reserve a place, please read the terms of participation mentioned in the Participation Form, and if you accept them, fill in the form at

Once you have completed the form, you need to send a deposit of 500 € within 3 days. Payment for the trip must be completed in stages up to 45 days before departure. If our office is responsible for issuing air tickets, they must be prepaid. Please note that any cancellation of air tickets is subject to the terms and restrictions of each airline and is not covered by the cancellation terms of the rest of the package.

The prepayment and payment should be sent to the account of ALPHA BANK with IBAN number: GR1001407960796002002013550, in the name of OUTDOORS TRAINING IKE.

When transferring or depositing money, please write your name and the word "MONGOLIA" in the REASON field.

General information


  • Local transportation will be provided by Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4 cars with a maximum of 3-4 people per vehicle.
  • Each car will be driven by a professional driver and accompanied by a local English-speaking field guide.


  • In the capital, Ulaanbaatar, overnight stays will be in a 3* hotel in double rooms with a private bathroom and breakfast included.
  • In smaller towns, accommodations will be hostel-type hotels with basic services and infrastructure.
  • Four nights will be spent in ger camps, two of which will have tents with bedding, while the other two camps will have rudimentary infrastructure, and a sleeping bag will be necessary.


  • Food is included throughout the trip and provides the opportunity to experience local cuisine and flavors.
  • Packed lunches will be provided during daily travels.

Change of Program:

  • Due to the remote and isolated areas of the trip, in the case of any contingency that may take time to resolve, there may be a need to modify the itinerary, with the main consideration being the maximum safety of the participants.

Safety and Insurance:

  • The trip includes Silver travel insurance with cancellation option covering up to 3,500 € to cover the cost of the trip. The insurance covers people up to 55 years of age, and for those who are older, an extra amount must be paid.
  • Extra insurance amounts are required for those over 55 years old: 27€ for ages 56-64, 82€ for ages 65-70, and 136€ for ages 71-85.
  • In the link below you can see the benefits of the plan and if you wish you can contact our insurance advisor to properly inform you about the benefits and exclusions Travel Insurance from Trekking Hellas.


  • Mongolia has a continental climate with four seasons, although sometimes all four seasons can occur in one day.
  • Each region has its own climate, with temperatures in the winter months below freezing almost everywhere and in the summer in some areas reaching 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Rainfall in the southern regions is minimal, and only noticeable in the mountainous areas in the west and north.
  • During the travel period, the average temperatures in all areas where we will be moving range from 7 to 13 degrees Celsius, with little chance of rain but with possible winds.

Battery Charging:

  • For the hours and days spent on the road, battery charging can be done at the car's power socket. Relevant equipment should be taken.
  • Batteries or power banks brought on flights should be carried in carry-on baggage, not in checked baggage.


  • Tipping is an optional gesture to thank local staff who often rely heavily on tipping to support their families.


  • Isothermal T-shirts in various thicknesses
  • Softshell jacket
  • Hiking trousers
  • Wool or thermal beanie
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • Sleeping bag
  • Hiking shoes
  • Waterproof breathable membrane
  • Balaclava/buff for wind protection
  • Daypack 20-30 litres
  • Soft carry bag (provided by our office)
  • Small flashlight

Mongolia 13 - 24 September 2023

An immersive journey into Mongolian culture and the awe-inspiring Gobi Desert

Price from €3200


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