King Taygetus and the phenomenon of the pyramid

  • Wed 07 Jun 2023
    • Greece

Situated in the southern mainland of Greece, Taygetus proudly stands as the highest mountain range in the Peloponnese region! Its magnificent peaks and rich mythological heritage make it a destination shrouded in mystery and allure. Let's take a virtual journey to Taygetos, delving into its legends, landscapes, and the enigmatic phenomenon of the pyramid shadow.

The King of the Peloponnese

Taygetus, with its peak, Profitis Elias, soaring to a height of 2,407 meters, reigns as the king of the southern mainland of Greece. Spanning an area of 2,500 square kilometers, this mountain range commands attention with its grandeur and natural beauty. Its five distinctive peaks, earning it the name "Pentadaktylos" in Byzantine times, create an awe-inspiring silhouette against the sky.

Legends and Mythology

The origins of Taygetus can be traced back to ancient Greek mythology. It is said to be named after the nymph Taygetis, daughter of Atlas and a local deity associated with the order of Artemis. Two variations of the myth exist: one suggests that Lacedaemon, a hero of the region and child of Zeus and Taygetis, named the mountain after his mother, while the other claims that Lacedaemon, as the husband of Taygetis, named the mountain after her. Eurotas, the river flowing into Taygetos, is said to be their child.

The Pyramid Phenomenon

One of the most intriguing aspects of Taygetos is the phenomenon of the pyramid shadow. As the sun rises, under specific weather conditions, a remarkable natural occurrence takes place. From the mountain's summit, an equilateral triangle shadow, resembling a pyramid, is cast upon the Messinian Gulf. 

Exploring Taygetus' Natural Beauty

Taygetos offers a breathtaking landscape, rich in diverse ecosystems and natural wonders. A dense network of paths crisscrosses the terrain, providing opportunities for hikers and nature enthusiasts to traverse the mountain's hidden corners. Along the way, one can encounter plane trees, vibrant flora, and maybe even spot the majestic golden eagle soaring above.

Whether you explore its paths, revel in its natural beauty, or simply admire its majesty from afar, Taygetus offers an enchanting journey through time and nature!

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