Whit Monday 2023: 5 Exciting City Activities

  • Fri 19 May 2023
    • Travel tips

With Whit Monday approaching on June 5th, 2023, it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and make the most of the day, even if you are stuck in the city! In this blog post, we will explore five exciting activities you can engage in:

  1. Picnic in the Park: Gather your friends, family, or loved ones and organize a delightful picnic in a nearby park. Pack a basket filled with delicious treats, refreshing beverages, and picnic blankets. Find a scenic spot under a shady tree, lay out your spread, and enjoy a leisurely day of relaxation and quality time together. Tip: Respect nature. Take all your waste with you before you leave, making sure to leave the space as you found it.

  2. Hiking Adventure: Embrace the beauty of nature by embarking on a hiking adventure. Research nearby hiking trails, national parks, or nature reserves, and choose one that suits your preferences and skill level. Whether you opt for a challenging trek or a leisurely stroll, take in the breathtaking landscapes, listen to the sounds of nature, and breathe in the fresh air. Tip: Remember to pack water, snacks, and appropriate footwear for a safe and enjoyable hike.

  1. Outdoor Sports Tournament: Gather your friends, family, or even members of your community for an exciting outdoor sports tournament. Set up a mini soccer field or a volleyball net. Encourage friendly competition and team spirit while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Tip: Don't forget to bring snacks, drinks, and a prize for the winning team. 

  2. Nature Photography Expedition: If you have a passion for photography, Whit Monday presents an excellent opportunity to explore your surroundings and capture stunning images of nature. Grab your camera or smartphone and head to a local botanical garden, beach, or countryside to find unique flora, fauna, and landscapes to photograph. Tip: Experiment with different angles, lighting, and perspectives to showcase the beauty of the natural world. Check out more photography tips here.

  3. Beach Day: If you're fortunate enough to live near a beach, Whit Monday is an ideal time to soak up the sun and enjoy a day of beach activities. Pack your beach essentials such as towels, sunscreen, snacks, and beach toys. Take a refreshing swim, build sandcastles, play beach volleyball, or simply relax on a beach chair with a good book. Don't forget to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen regularly to protect your skin.

Whatever activity you choose, remember to prioritize safety, respect the environment, and have fun. Happy Whit Monday!

What to do this long weekend

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Sea Kayak at Egglezonissi, Central Evia

5 hrs

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Canyoning Manikia, Central Evia

4 hrs


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