International Camp Pertouli

International Camp Pertouli

Un unforgettable experience for teens in the foothills of Mt Koziakas!

July 29 - August 09, 2024 (Sold Out)
12 days
14-17 years old
International Camp Pertouli
Price from €850


In collaboration with the non-profit youth organization, FöFe, we have created a summer camp focusing on bringing young people from different countries together. 15 children from Germany and Europe and 15 from Greece, aged 14 to 17, share exciting outdoor experiences. Acceptance, equality, cooperation, meaningful communication, and authentic contact are at the heart of this program.

The age and small number of participants, 30 in total, makes the group extremely flexible, giving the opportunity for extremely interesting and challenging activities. Lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and rivers are our field of action!

Hiking, climbing, rafting on Voidomatis, canoe kayaking on Lake Plastiras, fantastic excursions to Zagori and Meteora, mountain living, and many other exciting activities enrich their days. The children actively participate in shaping the program, take responsibility and add their own touch.

This is a truly unique camping program! The concepts of respect, solidarity and friendship across borders are being fleshed out. The physical and spiritual development of children, the development of skills and the promotion of values such as solidarity, social contribution, multiculturalism, and respect for nature make up the philosophy of Pertouli International Camp.

  • Communication language is English!

A few words about the non-profit organisation FöFe

Förderkreis Ferienzentren e.V. (FöFe) is a non-profit organization of young people engaged in organizing camps in Germany, Greece, and abroad. It was founded in 1981 as an initiative aimed at fostering and strengthening the European ideal, solidarity, and multiculturalism. It organizes international youth exchanges and leisure trips. Additionally, every year, all its members undergo training and receive the JuLeiCa certification. 

All our camp activities are carried out with specially trained guides/guides and adhere to all safety rules!

Day 1
Arrival - Check-in
Day 2
2-day Ascent to Koziakas
Day 3
2-day Ascent to Koziakas
Day 4
3 day Pindos Crossing
Day 5
3 day Pindos Crossing
Day 6
3 day Pindos Crossing
Day 7
Trip to Ioannina & Zagori – Rafting
Day 8
Trip to Plastira Lake – Canoe Kayak / Jet Ski
Day 9
Trip to Meteora and Kalambaka - Climbing
Day 10
Pertouli – Swimming pool
Day 11
Excursion to Elati
Day 12


12 days
July 29 - August 09, 2024 (Sold Out)


(The 5% discount applies exclusively for sibling registration)


To reserve your spot, please proceed to book online/BOOK NOW! (upon completion of payment) and complete the following:

*Important note: The Participant's Personal Information Form must be filled out by the parent/legal guardian of the child.

Camp Facilities

  • Secretariat
  • Kitchen-Dining Area
  • Climbing wall
  • Wooden hut where campers stay in case of heavy rainfall
  • 6 WC and 12 girls' showers
  • 6 WC and 12 showers for boys
  • Art workshop space
  • Volleyball court
  • Igloo tent area
  • Adventure Park
  • Ping Pong hangar
  • Wooden huts
  • Canteen (operates daily during certain hours, campers can buy soft drinks and ice cream)


All campers sleep in igloo-type tents (3-4 pax), waterproof with double covers and carry mats.


Our International Camp Pertouli is located in one of the richest forests of natural beauty in our country, at an altitude of 1,000m. Mount Kerketios, or Koziakas, boasts one of the largest varieties of wild herbs in Europe. The mountain, which includes the University Forest of Pertouli, is also part of the European Ecological Network NATURA 2000.


Indicative activities:

  • 2-day ascent of Mt. Koziakas, overnight stay at Koziaka mountaineering refuge
  • 3-day Pindos Crossing with two nights outside the camp
  • Trip to Ioannina & Zagori - Rafting / City Tour
  • Trip to Plastira Lake - Canoe Kayak / Hydrobiking
  • Trip to Meteora & Kalambaka - Climbing / Hiking / City Tour
  • Pertouli - Swimming pool
  • Excursion to Elati
  • Adventure Park
  • Archery
  • Flying Fox

Indicative daily program:


08.00 - 08.30 Awakening

08.30 - 09.00 Breakfast

09.00 Departure for the activity

11.00 Breakfast at the activity site

13.30 Return to camp

13.30 - 14.30 Lunch

14.30 - 17.00 Free time - Hygiene

17.00 - 17.30 Afternoon meal

17.30 - 20.00 Afternoon activities

20.00 - 21.00 Evening meal

21.00 - 22.00 Free time

22.00 - 23.30 Evening entertainment

23.30 End of daily program

Organizational structure - Staff

Staff: Camp Director - Activity Guides - Counselors

Camp Director: Rafaela Theofili (Child Psychologist) 

Graduated from the Psychology department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and works as a psychologist and outdoor activity guide. Has completed the climbing school of the Hellenic Mountaineering & Climbing Federation and the Outdoor Activities Guides School of the Education & Lifelong Learning Center of the University of Thessaly. Her relationship with Trekking Hellas camps starts from a very young age, while she has been working in this area for several years, having now taken over the overall organization of the camp's activity program. Both the subject of studies and many years of experience make her work with children and teenagers effective.

Camp doctor: takes care of the health of the campers, provides First Aid, and deals with emergencies. He/she is present at the camp from the first day of operation until the end of the camping season. The camp doctor is solely responsible for the campers' participation or non-participation in activities for medical reasons.

Activity Guides: Activity Guides are trained and experienced guides, certified in outdoor activities such as climbing, rafting, and mountaineering and are responsible for coordinating and supervising respective outdoor activities. They are also First Aiders.

Counselors: Leads his group, guides, helps, inspires & protects. Aims to be close to the kids, get to know them, and support them in every way possible. All counselors have been trained by the Pertouli Camp team in all aspects of camp life, completing a course that includes theoretical and practical guidelines. They are also First Aiders.


Our Reservations Department will inform you about the time & pick up/drop off point of the kids in due time.

Our Reservations Dept must be notified of any change concerning the drop off or pick up of the kids at least 2 days in advance: / tel. (+30) 210 3310323.

Visitation Day

No open/visitation day will be held for summer 2024.


The dietary program has been designed to meet all the kids’ nutritional needs. It includes 5 meals per day and is adapted to the activities that take place according to the program.

*All meals are served with salad, cheese, bread, and fruit.

 *During overnight stays outside the camp, campers prepare a barbeque with local sausage, omelet, and an array of side dishes.

Below are the indicative meals per day:





Spaghetti Bolognese & Spaghetti Napolitana, Salad, Fruit

Chicken soup with groats, Vegetables soup, Feta cheese


Stuffed Veggies, Feta, Fruit

Soufflé, Salad


Burgers, rice with vegetables salad, fruit

Oven-baked chickpeas, Feta, Quinoa salad 


Grilled gourgettes balls, potato salad, Salad, Fruit

Homemade burgers, Salad


Pork fillet with mashed potatoes, Salad, Fruit

Homemade pizza, Salad


Lentils, Olives, Salad, Fruit

Oven-baked chicken with rice, Salad


"Pastitsio", Salad, Fruit

Oven-baked fish with mashed potatoes, Salad


"Soutzoukakia" with rice, Salad, Fruit

Baked giant beans, Feta cheese


Stuffed Veggies, Feta, Fruit

Chicken soup with groats, Vegetables soup, Feta cheese


Beef casserole, Salad, Fruit

Omelette with sausage, Potato salad


Spaghetti Bolognese & Spaghetti Napolitana, Salad, Fruit

Homemade souvlaki with pita, Salad 


Brunch before the departure of buses



Kindly pay close attention to the bring-along list below, as the special and exciting camp activities require the right gear for them to be enjoyable and not tiring for the kids. Backpacks and shoes that are not designed for mountain activities can cause injuries.


  • Large duffle bag (not a suitcase, for convenient storage in the tents)
  • Mountaineering backpack 35-45 Lt for activities (not school bags)

Note: Pack only one piece of luggage in order for it to fit in the tent.


  • Sleeping bag type Comfort: +8° Limit: +3°
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • 2 single sheets, 2 pillowcases and small pillow 

Note: Instead of a pillow, we recommend a pillowcase, which children fill with clothes

Clothing & footwear:

  • Short-sleeved t-shirts, shorts, track pants, and sweatshirts
  • Underwear, cotton socks, pajamas
  • Fleece or warm sweater
  • Anorak jacket (waterproof and windproof)
  • 1 pairs of sneakers / sport shoes
  • 1 pair of hiking boots
  • 1 pair of river shoes or Teva sandals or sport shoes that will be used in the river.

Note: NO flip-flops (their use is prohibited in camp)


  • Hat
  • Water bottle (1 Lt)
  • Sunscreen with a high protection factor for the face/body
  • Lip balm
  • Swimsuit

Personal hygiene items:

  • 2 towels & 1 beach towel
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, shower gel
  • Insect repellent & Anti-lice protection spray
  • Laundry bag

Optional items:

  • Musical instruments
  • Sunglasses
  • Board or card games
  • Books

Items that are not allowed:

  • Mobile phones are allowed only on preset hours
  • Camera
  • Valuables & large amounts of money (not more than 50 euros)
  • Electronic games
  • Sharp and dangerous objects (e.g., knives, pocketknives, lighters)
  • Food items
  • Flip flops


Communication (exclusively during the camp's operation)

Camp secretariat telephone number: +30 6948239568, daily 09.00-18.00

The secretariat's telephone number is available daily from 9.00 -18.00 for communications regarding health issues, picking up information or other issues that the camp needs to be aware of. The secretariat accepts calls after hours for emergencies only.

Communication hours with kids:

Communication hours with the kids: 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

You can call following numbers:  (+30)

Reservations (Athens): (+30) 210 3310323 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

* In case you receive the message 'The subscriber you dialled is not available,' it occurs because the line is busy at that time.

* Please note that on the first day (the day of arrival at the camp), telephone communication is not allowed.

Frequent communication with your kids will make it difficult for them to adapt smoothly and quickly. Children have a full program of activities every day. Mobile phones are allowed in the camp only during contact hours. They are not allowed to be used during activities and in the camp areas outside of communication hours.



Our people

George Dapas

Climbing Manager

Rafaela Theofili

Camp Leader

International Camp Pertouli

Un unforgettable experience for teens in the foothills of Mt Koziakas!

Price from €850


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