Mount Athos Agion Oros

A unique artistic creation combining the unique beauty of unspoiled nature with the expanded forms of architectural creation

An Orthodox spiritual centre

The peninsula of Mount Athos is the easternmost of the three peninsulas of Halkidiki. The characteristic conical peak of the imposing mountain reaches 2,033 meters. Its slopes are overgrown with dense and untouched vegetation. Far from daily human intervention, Mount Athos maintains a natural environment of astonishing beauty. Centuries-old trees, dense forests, steep cliffs and gurgling waters compose a truly special landscape. This space is entirely dedicated to the prayer and worship of God. For this reason it is also called Agion Oros ("Holy Mountain"). Here there are only monasteries, hermitages, huts, cells and "sanctuaries". It is an "Autonomous Monastic State" within Greece that is perhaps unique in the world, with the exception of the secular Lhasa of Tibet. The special architecture of the monasteries, with the fortress layout, the imposing towers, the amazing bell towers, the vaulted domes, the wood-carved and marble iconostasis, but also the amazing decoration of magnificent frescoes, hagiographies and portable icons. Art, Ethnology and Ecclesiastical History. In the monastic state the "avaton" is valid, that is, the visit of women is forbidden. Trekking Hellas has planned a great 6-day trek to Mount Athos for a really deep acquaintance with this sacred place!

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