Karpenissi Summer Camp

Karpenissi Summer Camp

A unique summer camp, high on the Kaliakouda mountain

A: June 28 - July, 12 2024 (Sold Out)
B: July 12 - 26, 2024 (Sold Out)
15 days
7-16 years old
Karpenissi Summer Camp
Price from €890


Under the shadow of the imposing peak of Mt Kaliakouda, on the edge of the alpine zone and at an altitude of 1.400m, is the Trekking Hellas adventure camp for kids & youth in Karpenissi. In an impressive natural environment and through a rich program of activities, kids are introduced to life close to nature. They learn to love and protect the environment. They develop spiritual, physical, and social skills and broaden their horizons. They gain autonomy, strengthen their self-esteem, test their limits, learn to share, rely on and trust one another. They create friendships, have fun, and dream! We here at Trekking Hellas aim to instill in our campers a love for nature while showing them the way to a more active life!

Hikes on beautiful mountain trails. Exciting mountain bike rides on forest roads. Flying fox, archery, and track climbing. Rafting on raging rivers. Canyoning in beautiful majestic canyons. Via Ferrata in the Black Cave. And of course, environmental activities, art and team sports enrich the children's daily program! Our summer camp in Karpenisi offers kids unique life experiences!

Our campsite is located 10 km from Megalo Horio (about 30-40 minutes) and 25 km from Karpenissi (about 50-60 minutes).

All our activities are carried out with specially trained guides/guides and follow all safety rules!

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15 days
A: June 28 - July, 12 2024 (Sold Out)
B: July 12 - 26, 2024 (Sold Out)


(The 5% discount applies exclusively for sibling registration)


To reserve your spot, please proceed to book online/BOOK NOW! (upon completion of payment) and complete the following:

*Important note: The Participant's Personal Information Form must be filled out by the parent/legal guardian of the child.

Camp Facilities

  • Main Office
  • Kitchen-Dining room
  • Artistic workshop
  • Infirmary-Nursing room
  • Volleyball court
  • Football field
  • Climbing track
  • 4 WC and 3 showers for girls
  • 4 WC and 3 showers for boys
  • 2 table tennis tables


Our camping center is 10 km from Megalo Horio (about 30-40 minutes) and 25 km from Karpenissi (about 50-60 minutes)

Daily Activities

Camp activities are designed so they appeal to all kids and are age appropriate. Activities differentiation depends on the kid's age and is based on the degree of difficulty and the type of activity. The program is subject to change depending on weather conditions and group dynamics.

Activities for all ages 

  • Archery
  • Track climbing
  • Cycling 
  • Small Flying Fox 70m
  • Team Building Games
  • Hike to Pinacakia
  • Hike to Aetovrisi
  • Aniada evening hike
  • Rafting in the Tauropos or Trikeriotis. 

Note: rafting is possible if the water level is suitable.

Football, Volleyball, Ping - Pong, Rackets, Chess: During the season there will be soccer, volleyball, rock climbing, chess and Ping - Pong leagues in which all campers participate.

For kids 7 to 10 years old*

  • Climbing on an artificial track
  • Flying Fox 80 meters
  • Archery
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking in Pinacakia, 2
  • Hike to Platanodasos in Gorgianades
  • Horseback riding
  • Activities at the Saloon Activity
  • Park Hiking to Mega Isoma peak, 2000 meters, 2,30 hours.
  • Kaliakoudiada: Competitions & challenges
  • 2 day excursion to Velouchi. Departure at noon from the camp by buses and arrival at the shelter in Veluhi. Short walk to the alpine lake Lutsa. Overnight stay and dinner at the mountain refuge. In the morning departure on foot to Karpenisi, 2 hours descent. Free time in Karpenisi and return by bus to the camp.
  • Two days at Dipotama on the Trikeriotis River. Departure at noon from the camp by bus and arrival in Prousos. Hike to the Black Cave and up to the monastery of Prousos, lasting 2 hours. Dinner in the village of Prousos and overnight at our base in Dipotama. In the morning river trekking and swimming in the Trikeriotis river. Return by bus to the camp.

*10 years old are considered kids aged up to 10 years and 11 months

For kids aged 11 years +* 

  • Climbing on an artificial track
  • Flying Fox 80 meters
  • Archery
  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking in Pyrgaki, 2 hours, near the camp
  • Night hike from Megalo Horio to the camp, 3 hours.
  • Rappel and Climbing on the artificial track at the Saloon and swimming in the pool at the Cyclaminos guesthouse.
  • Hiking to Kaliakouda peak, 2100 meters, 4 hours.
  • Kaliakoudiada. Competitions & Challenges
  • Via Ferrata to the Black Cave.
  • Canyoning in the gorge of Tornos.
  • One-day excursion to the Panda Vrechi gorge. Departure in the morning from the camp, on foot, to the Panda Vrechi Gorge. Duration of the hike 4 hours on a dirt road. Return in the afternoon by bus.
  • 2-day trip to Velouchi. Departure at noon from the camp by bus and arrival in Karpenisi. Hiking to the Ski Centre. Overnight stay and dinner at the mountain refuge. We ascend to the peak of Velouchi at 2315 meters, the highest in Evritania. Departure by bus to Karpenisi. Free time in Karpenisi and return to the camp.

  • 2-day trip to Klavsi. We hike to the village of Klavsi. Overnight in a guesthouse in the village of Klavsi and dinner in a tavern. In the morning we hike from Klavsi to Karpenisi and return by bus return to camp.

*11 years old are considered kids who have turned 11 years old

Organizational structure - Staff

Camp Director: Stalikas Dimitris, general manager of Trekking Hellas Evritania.

Dimitris is a member of the Karpenisi Rescue Team and has had longstanding and dynamic involvement in outdoor activities (rafting, climbing, hiking, canyoning, skiing) and is a certified First Aider. He is well experienced in operating summer camps for kids and youth, is a passionate nature lover and aims to inspire our younger generations, to respect and value our natural resources. He is in charge of the camp program and has the overall responsibility for its smooth operation.

Counselor: Leads his group, guides, helps, inspires & protects. Aims to be close to the kids, get to know them, and support them in every way possible. All counselors have been trained by the Karpenissi Summer Camp team in all aspects of camp life, completing a course that includes theoretical and practical guidelines. They are also First Aiders.

Assistant Counselors: These are old campers (16-18 years old) who have an in-depth knowledge of the camp philosophy. They know the activities and work to become future camp counselors. Always under the supervision of the camp director and the group leader, they set the tone and rhythm of the group.

Activity Guides: Activity Guides are trained and experienced guides, certified in outdoor activities such as climbing, rafting, and mountaineering, and are responsible for coordinating and supervising respective outdoor activities. 

The camp director, as well as all Activity Guides, have received the highest First Aid Certification from the American Heart Association.

Also, depending on their specialization, they are certified for supervising activities by the following organizations:

ICAN: Canyoning, River Trekking & Via Ferrata
IRF: Rafting
DIEK: Mountain Escorts

Camp doctor & Nurse: take care of the health of the campers, provide First Aid, and deal with emergencies. He/she is present at the camp from the first day of operation until the end of the camping season. The camp doctor & nurse are solely responsible for the campers' participation or non-participation in activities for medical reasons.

In case of emergency, The General Hospital of Karpenissi is located at a distance of 35' from the camping center.

Social Worker: Our camp works together with a local social worker, who guides and assists in the management of behavioral problems or matters that fall within his/her remit.


Our Reservations Department will inform you about the time & pick up/drop off point of the kids in due time.

Our Reservations Department must be notified of any change concerning the drop off or pick up of the kids at least 2 days in advance: kids@trekking.gr / tel. (+30) 210 3310323.

Visitation day

No open/visitation day will be held for summer 2024.


The dietary program has been designed to meet all the kids’ nutritional needs. It includes 5 meals per day and is adapted to the activities that take place according to the program.

  • Breakfast 08:15 - 09:15: White & chocolate milk, orange juice, mountain tea. Butter, local fir honey, jams.
    Cereal, yogurt, cookies, breadsticks, bread.
  • Snack 11:00: Fruit, chocolate pastry, cereal bars, breadsticks, muffin, amaretti when on outdoor activity. (All products are handmade and produced in a local bakery in Karpenissi.)
  • Lunch - 13:30 - 14:30
  • Afternoon snack - 17:30: Fruit, sweet pastry, chocolate doughnuts, yogurt with honey, meringue with bread and cake.
  • Dinner - 20:30 - 21:30

Below are the indicative meals per day:



Spaghetti Napolitano

Beef burgers with pasta

Stuffed veggies

Pork with mashed potato

Pastitsio (lasagna)

"Soutzoukakia" (traditional meatballs) with rice

Roasted chicken with potatoes



Beef casserole

Fish croquets with rice

Chicken penne

 Spaghetti with mincemeat and red sauce

 Roasted Pork with potatoes

Stuffed veggies

Beef burgers with pasta

Pastitsio (lasagna)



Beef casserole

Pork stew with rice

Chicken penne

Spaghetti with mincemeat and red sauce

Roasted pork with potatoes

Fish croquets with rice

Hot Dog


Kindly pay close attention to the bring-along list below, as the special and exciting camp activities require the right gear for them to be enjoyable and not tiring for the kids. Backpacks and shoes that are not designed for mountain activities can cause injuries.


  • Large duffle bag (not a suitcase, for convenient storage in the tents)
  • Mountaineering backpack 35-45 lt for activities (not school bags)

Note: Pack only one piece of luggage in order for it to fit in the tent.


  • Sleeping bag type Comfort: +8° Limit: +3°
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • 2 single sheets, 2 pillowcases and small pillow 

Note: Instead of a pillow, we recommend a pillowcase, which children fill with clothes

Clothing & footwear:

  • Short-sleeved t-shirts, shorts, track pants, and sweatshirts
  • Underwear, cotton socks, cotton socks, pajamas
  • Fleece or warm sweater
  • Anorak jacket (waterproof and windproof)
  • 2 pairs of sneakers /sport shoes
  • 1 pair of hiking boots
  • 1 pair of river shoes or Teva sandals or sport shoes that will be used in the river.

Note: NO flip-flops (their use is prohibited in camp)


  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle (1 liter)
  • Sunscreen with a high protection factor for face/body
  • Lip balm
  • Swimsuit-beach towel 

Personal hygiene items:

  • 2 towels
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, shower gel
  • Insect repellent & Anti-lice protection spray
  • Laundry bag

Optional items:

  • Musical instruments
  • Board or card games
  • Books

Items that are not allowed:

  • Mobile phones
  • Valuables & large amounts of money (not more than 40-50 euros)
  • Electronic games
  • Sharp and dangerous objects (e.g., knives, pocketknives, lighters)
  • Food items


Camp and the Reservations Department are always at your disposal for any questions or information you may have regarding the camp program and your child's participation in it. In order to ensure that the program runs smoothly and achieves its goal, specific times have been set aside for telephone contact with your kids.

Every afternoon from 14:30-17:30 you can contact the children at the following numbers:

Camp phone numbers: (+30)

  • 6988 294299
  • 6988 294322
  • 6988 294325
  • 6982 096521
  • 6989 683009
  • 6986 994969
  • 6988 294319

Emergency phone: Stalikas Dimitris (+30) 6978 187863 

The contact hours with Mr. Stalikas are strictly from 8.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Please note that on the first day (the day of arrival at the camp), telephone communication is not allowed. 

For further information:

Reservations Dept Trekking Hellas: 210 3310323 (Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Frequent communication with your kids will make it difficult for them to adapt smoothly and quickly. The children have a full program of activities every day. The use of mobile phones is not allowed in the camp.

Our people

Dimitris Stalikas

Activities Manager

Karpenissi Summer Camp

A unique summer camp, high on the Kaliakouda mountain

Price from €890


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