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Unique getaways & exciting school trips for students

With over 30 years of experience, well-trained staff and 17 operating bases around Greece, Trekking Hellas designs and implements with passion, outdoor activities, authentic programs and excursions for kids and teenagers. Every year, more than 3.000 children from all over Greece join us for day trips, multi-day excursions and events.
Values, such as environmental awareness, experiential learning, acquaintance with the cultural and historical heritage of each area, personal growth, development of social skills lie at the core
of our programs… always combined with exciting outdoor activities and adventure!
Environmental tours, thematic workshops, voluntary actions, acquaintance with the concept of proper food management, outdoor living techniques, dealing with crises or accidents in nature, circle of Life, greek wildlife familiarization, youth challenges.

Our Kids & Youth Department team will be happy to assist you to find or create an activity or field trip that fits the needs of your school and students!
Trips, outdoor activities, and authentic experiences are designed and organized also for Parent-Teacher Associations, faculty staff & families.

All Activities

Environmental hike in Mt Hymettus

3 hours


Trekking Hellas Challenge - Group games

3 hours


Mountain Bike in Parnitha

3 hours


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