Metsovo - Ioannina

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The Stone Diamond of Pindos

One of the most stunning areas of Greece, Metsovo! Built amphitheatrically in a lush forest, Metsovo preserves its traditional character, creating lasting memories! A place with rich history, tasty cuisine and lively traditions, is an environment of outstanding natural beauty. Visitors can either walk through the dense forests of pine, oak and beech trees or paddle on the unique mountain lake of Aoos! For adrenaline seekers, Deos Canyoning is the most exciting experience! Metsovo is a unique destination for everyone! Ioannina! Surrounded by imposing mountains, Ioannina is the largest city in north-western Greece, with a medieval castle built near the picturesque lake Pamvotis. Hiking or snowshoeing on the adjacent mountains offers a unique panoramic view of Ioannina city and its lake! Trekking Hellas offers tailor-made trips and activities in the area of Metsovo & Ioannina!

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