2 Days Sea Kayak in Diaporos islands

2 Days Sea Kayak in Diaporos islands

The experience will linger in your memory!

May - October
2 days
2 Days Sea Kayak in Diaporos islands
Price from €210


2 Days Sea Kayak Diaporos Islands is a trip along the eastern side of the Sithonia peninsula, in Halkidiki. An unforgettable experience that offers almost everything: a pleasant paddling route, enchanting sunrises & sunsets, relaxing on beautiful beaches, underwater life observation, swimming in emerald waters and tasting delicious food. Shores with high pines, beautiful and secluded beaches between the rocks – the ideal place for an adventure vacation that alternates between picturesque villages and the wild landscape.

Day 1
Vourvourou, Diapori island, White beach
Day 2
Armenistis & Kavourotrypes beach - views to Mt Athos

Activities / Schedule

Vourvourou, Diapori island, White beach

Diaporos Island is located in the peaceful bay of Vourvourou, in Sithonia. The area is suitable for novice kayakers who don't want to face any big waves since this area is protected from strong winds.
09:00 am Meeting with your guide, welcome briefing and handing out equipment. After a the training, we paddle directly to the beautiful small islands in Vourvourou bay.
10:00 am A few paddles away and we stop  on the amazing beach of Lagonisi with its shallow turquoise waters. Put on our diving masks & snorkels, to observe the underwater life and enjoy the sun on the golden sandy beach. We then continue, paddling between the islets of Peristeri and Elia St. Nikolaos in the area “Kryfto”. There we may visit the ruins of the oldest Christian church in the area of ​​Sithonia, which dates to approximately 500 AD. Our next destination is the magnificent natural pool formed between the islands of Diaporo and St. Isidore – a unique point for swimming.
14:00 pm Break for swimming and picnic lunch (salads, fruits, cheese) on White Beach, one of the most beautiful on the island. 
16:30 pm We paddle to the "small pool", where we can go for a short swim.
18:00 pm Visit another wonderful beach in the vicinity, the Pakia beach.
20:00 pm Dinner in the tavern of Vourvourou village. Overnight at the Rea camping.

Paddling Distance: 8.4 Miles

Armenistis & Kavourotrypes beach - views to Mt Athos

9:00 am After breakfast, we'll prepare our  kayaks and paddle along the coast, on the eastern side of the peninsula, facing Mount Athos.
11:00 am Having passed the beautiful beach of Fava and the pine-covered beach of Bara, we'll stop for a rest and a swim on Lakara beach (traveled about 3 nmi).
13:00 pm Our next stop is Armenistis beach  with its crystal clear waters, endless golden sand, amazing views of Mount Athos and tall pine & plane trees providing the much loved shade by the sea - definitely an opportunity for a relaxing dive! We will have a light lunch consisting of salads, cheese and fruits, at the camping restaurant (we've traveled 3 nmi). 
16:00 pm We depart, paddling for the next 3 nautical miles until we reach Kavourotripes beach – our final destination. There, we will swim, play with the kayaks and explore underwater life with diving masks and snorkels. Kavourotripes, meaning crab holes, is the hidden gem of Halkidiki. These are small coves, hidden behind a beautiful pine forest, with dazzling white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. The exotic landscape and the view of the imposing Mount Athos make the place look like a little earthly paradise.
18:00 pm The minibus will pick us up and we return to our hotel or to our cars.

Paddling Distance: 9.2 Miles

Important Info

In a glance

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UTC+02:00 (EET)


  • Diaporos islands complex
  • Ruins of the medieval St. Andreas church on the Diaporos island
  • Snorkeling in crystal clear water
  • World-famous beaches


210€/pp for min 4-6 participants
250€/ pp for min 3 participants
310€/ pp for min 2 participants
430€/ pp for 1 participant

General Information

We start our kayaking trip from Vourvourou, paddle along a number of beautiful beaches, cross between the islets of Peristeri and Elia Ag. Nikolaos in the area of "Kryfto", where we can visit the ruins of the oldest Christian church in the region of Sithonia. Our next destination is the turquoise pool between Diaporos and St. Isidoros islands. At White beach - one of the most beautiful of the island - we stop for rest and food, before continuing towards Pacia beach for an afternoon swim, returning to Vourvourou for our overnight stay.

The following day, after passing by the famous beaches of Fava and Barra, we stop for rest and swimming at Lakara beach. From there we continue until we reach Armenistis, with its endless golden sandy beach, crystal blue waters, pine & plane trees generously offering their precious shade and...an impressive view of mt Athos. Our excursion ends at the dazzling Kavourotrypes. The hidden paradise of Halkidiki! Small bays with tiny white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, white rocks and pine trees reaching...all the way into the sea.


  • Waterproof backpack (small dry bags will be given for basics)
  • Comfortable clothes (preferably quick-drying material: cotton or polycotton not denim)
  • Second pair of shoes or "Teva" type sandals that will get wet 
  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunblock
  • Your own personal water bottle. As part of our environmental policy and actions, we are committed to eliminating the use of plastic water bottles.


2 Days Sea Kayak in Diaporos islands

The experience will linger in your memory!

Price from €210



What should I bring with me?

  • What is listed above in Equipment section

What's the meeting point & time?

Meeting Point: Trani Ammouda beach in front of White Bar Restaurant, Sithonia peninsula.

To see exact meeting point click here

Time: 08.45am

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