Classic Greece in Action, 6 - 11 October 2024

Classic Greece in Action, 6 - 11 October 2024

A quick tour full of surprises to some of Greece’s most important classical sites. The historical landmarks of Mycenae, Ancient Olympia, Delphi and Meteora.

Throughout the year
Fixed departure: 6 - 11 October 2024
6 days
Classic Greece in Action, 6 - 11 October 2024
Price from €935


A quick and unpredictable tour of some of Greece’s most important classical sites, like the historical landmarks of Mycenae, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, and Meteora.

This tour is designed with the knowledge of a local guide and the taste of the contemporary traveler seeking a completely different experience:

Enjoy breathtaking views of Greece’s varied nature. Discover less-known spectacular sites, scents, and tastes of the Mediterranean. Do more in less time: visit some beautiful landscapes on a light hike, have a wine-tasting experience, or have even some adrenaline action repelling in Meteora.

Experience the authentic part of Greece away from the tourist masses: enjoy the unique atmosphere of small taverns and the friendly hospitality in boutique hotels. Feel at home in Greece and create a strong bond that will make you want to come back again and again!

See the itinerary map here.

Day 1
Athens to Nafplio
Day 2
Mycenae – Epidaurus and Sea Kayak
Day 3
Trekking in Lousios Gorge and travel to Ancient Olympia
Day 4
Ancient Olympia and drive to Delphi
Day 5
Delphi Hike on the Ancient Footpath and Archaeological Site Visit – Meteora
Day 6
Trekking in Meteora (optional rappel / abseiling) and drive back to Athens or other destination

Activities / Schedule

Athens to Nafplio

We are leaving the lively city of Athens behind with destination Nafplio. Short stop at the Corinth Canal, the six-kilometer waterway connecting the Ionian and Aegean seas. Nafplion, considered one of the prettiest towns in Greece, is the first capital after independence and a major port since the Bronze Age. Take your time to enjoy a stroll in the alleys of the town and climb the 999 steps to Palamidi fort to enjoy a panoramic view. Overnight in Nafplio. Distance: 135Km about 2 hours drive 

Mycenae – Epidaurus and Sea Kayak

We start our day with sightseeing to Mycenae and Epidaurus. Mycenae, a place intrinsic in the works of Homer, 9th century BCE poet. Enter the Mycenean citadel through the Lion's Gate and wander through the remaining ruins. Admire the enormous Cyclopean walls - still a wonder how they were created- and enter the imposing Lions gate to the site that dates back to 1350-1200BC.  Just outside the walls, do not forget to visit the Vault-shaped tombs of Lions, Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra, and the Treasury of Atreus. Continue our visit to the third-century theater of Epidaurus, one of the best-preserved classical Greek structures renowned for its superb acoustics. Epidavre site was set up in honor of the God of Medicine, Asklepios, son of Apollo and Coronis and enjoy the wonderful location of the shrine which is on the Unesco World Heritage list. Time for some action with a refreshing sea kayaking tour paddling from the first capital of modern Greece, with different fortresses in our view. We visit the famous fort of Bourtzi, built in 1473, on a tiny inlet right in front of the port. then we paddle towards the old town of Nafplio, under the cannons of the Old Town’s 1st line of fortification, while the UNESCO World Heritage fortress of Palamidi dominates the view right above it. As soon as we exit the port, we paddle along the ancient road of Nafplio, under Akronauplia fortress, and are rewarded with the breathtaking views of the dominant cliffs covered in succulent vegetation with the fortress as its crown at the top.Overnight in Nafplion.

Sea Kayaking Details

  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Suitability: All ages and experience levels
  • Paddling Distance: 7km
  • Duration: 4hours Total- 1,5hours of relaxed pace paddling
  • Sea Kayak type: Single or double Sea Kayaks and all equipment (buoyancy aid, spray deck, paddle)

Trekking in Lousios Gorge and travel to Ancient Olympia

Early in the morning we continue to a less touristy but very inspiring mountainous region in central Peloponnese, renowned for its rich in history villages like Dimitsana, Stemnitsa and Karytaina. Today we will hike in the inspiring Lousios Gorge. The hike offers a beautiful combination of history with nature. We will walk amongst trails of dense vegetation going parallel and criss crossing the Lousios River. We visit monasteries that appear to be literally hanging from the cliffs and end the trek at the archaeological site of Ancient Gortys. This is one of the most stirring of all Greek sites as it is based along the rushing river known in ancient times as the Gortynios.  

We enjoy a traditional Greek picnic lunch, and then we continue our journey to Olympia. Overnight in Olympia (B/L/D).

Distance: 80Km, about 1,5 hours drive. 

Hike Details: 5km, we descend from 670m to 370m to Iron Bridge, then ascend to 550m at Prodomos Monastery to descend at 325m, heading to Ancient Gortys.

(optional activity instead of hiking is rafting)

Ancient Olympia and drive to Delphi

The site of Olympia is one of the largest and most beautiful sites in Greece.

We walk with our guide through the valley of wild olives and plane trees to the Ancient Ruins.

Walking under the frame of the great temple columns we feel the awe of the Olympian history.

We visit the Sanctuary of the Olympian Zeus and the Museum.

As this is one of the most important historical sites in Greece, we spend a comprehensive guided tour, and some free time to enjoy the ambience of the sight.

In the afternoon we head towards Patra, and drive through the impressive bridge over to western Greece via the “Little Dardanelles” from Rio to Antirio. Once we cross over we drive through the picturesque town of Nafpaktos and finally arrive via a beautiful coastal route to Delphi.  

Overnight in Delphi

Distance: 240Km, about 3,5 hours drive.

Delphi Hike on the Ancient Footpath and Archaeological Site Visit – Meteora

A historic and inspiring hike that combines the magic of nature with the mystery of ancient temples!

We follow the ancient footpath, from the slopes of Mt Parnassos in a forested route to the village of Delphi.

The same footpath that took Pan’s worshippers up from the ancient temples of Delphi to the Corycean Grotto to celebrate rites, which is now a part of the E4 European trail.

We start at Livadi plateau at an altitude of 1200m.

We descend to Delphi sanctuary overlooking the olive trees valley and the Corinthian Gulf, whilst the mountains of the Peloponnese complete our picturesque scenery.

We stop, en route, for a picnic in a traditional sheep barn, near the cave of Pan.

We reach Delphi, and visit the actual archaeological site and museum, a world heritage monument according to UNESCO, with a professional guide.

Amongst others we visit the Treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the museum which contains masterpieces such as the Bronze Charioteer and the image of the famous athlete Aghias.

  • Distance: 8km.
  • Αltitude 1200m.
  • Ascend 100m.
  • Descend 650m.

We drive through the wide Thessalic plain to Kalambaka, the small town at the foot of Meteora rocks. In this far-off corner of Thessaly there is a strange and magnificent region which is justly famous as one of the wonders of the East.

Just above Kalambaka stand the famous Meteora Monasteries, glued to the sides of the rocky pinnacles.

Overnight in Meteora

Distance: 230Km, about 3,5 hours’ drive.

Trekking in Meteora (optional rappel / abseiling) and drive back to Athens or other destination

We hike amongst the gigantic rocks of Meteora rising perpendicularly 250-300 m from the point where the Peneus river emerges from the deep canyons of the Pindos range.

We swing between the sky and the earth, unworldly, mysterious, bearing a unique religious ecstasy.

We walk around western Meteora, following the same old paths the monks used to use, which wind their way amongst the tall rock - towers.

These paths go up to the rocks and take us to the cliff top monasteries, the high places of the Greek - orthodox spirituality. We visit the world-famous monasteries of Meteora, Megalo Meteoron and Agios Stefanos.

  • Hike Details: 7.2 km.
  • Duration:4 hours
  • Difficulty level: 1
  • Ascend: 320m.
  • Descend: 320m.

After lunch we return to Athens.

Distance: 350Km, about 4 hours drive.

Important Info

In a glance

euro (€)
UTC+02:00 (EET)


Price per person:

Self Drive Mode:

  • 935€ (3 star hotels) /  1080€ (boutique hotels) for 6 participants
  • 1014€ (3 star hotels) /  1160€ (boutique hotels) for 4 participants
  • 1255€ (3 star hotels) /  1410€ (boutique hotels) for 2 participants

Fully Guided Mode:

  • 1695€ (3 star hotels) /  1845€ (boutique hotels) for 6 participants
  • 1990€ (3 star hotels) /  2160€ (boutique hotels) for 4 participants
  • 2985€ (3 star hotels) /  3295€ (boutique hotels) for 2 participants

Single supplement: 390€ (boutique)/295€ (budget)

Fixed Departures

Fixed Departures 2024:

  • 07-12 April (Fully booked)
  • 12-17 May (Fully booked)
  • 09-14 June (Fully booked)
  • 08-13 September (Fully booked)
  • 06-11 October

General Information

Our Classic Greece in Action is available in fully guided or self drive mode, with different types of hotels depending on your preferences and budget. If you feel like adding some more days in one location or switch an activity with something else this is also possible. So do not hesitate to contact us and we will create your dream trip. You can also combine our Classic Greece in Action with our short day active and culture experiences in the Greek islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Crete or even with a sailing trip in the small Cyclades.


Please consider taking along the following items on your trip. This is not a fixed list, but more of a guideline, so feel free to add and remove items as you see fit.
Greece has a temperate climate. Base your clothing on the “layering system”, if it is hot you can “peel off” layers quickly, if it is cooler and windy you can quickly “dress up”.




Clothing Accessories



Optional Accessories

The lighter you travel, the easier you travel. Use your best judgment and pack as lightly as possible. You will appreciate light luggage towards the end of your trip.


Classic Greece in Action, 6 - 11 October 2024

A quick tour full of surprises to some of Greece’s most important classical sites. The historical landmarks of Mycenae, Ancient Olympia, Delphi and Meteora.

Price from €935



What should I bring with me?

  • What is listed above in Equipment section

What's the meeting point & time?

Meeting Point:Trekking Athens,12 Parthenonos Street, Koukaki, Athens, 11742. (400 m from Sygrou Fix metro station / 500m from Acropolis metro station) – Click Here

Time: TBA

When is the activity available?

Throughout the year.

What weather can be expected?

During winter period the temperature is approximately 5-10 degrees, while during summer period the temperature is usually above 30 degrees.

How are meals described if they are included?

If meals are included, they are served family style, and vegan/vegetarian options are available upon request.

Do you provide any extra services like transfers or additional stay?

Yes, we offer transfers and additional stay upon request.

Is it suitable for children, families, and/or elders?

Yes, for children above 16 years of age.

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