Travel insurance (international travel)

Travel insurance is a specialized service that is an essential complement to any tourist package. The correct and comprehensive information regarding insurance options, coverage, and exclusions for each policy can only be provided by the insurance provider. Employees or escorts of Trekking Hellas do not have the knowledge or authority to request information about medical conditions, nor are they authorized to disclose such details to any interested party. Any such action is not recognized by our company.

After conducting extensive research in the field of insurance, Trekking Hellas proposes two insurance package providers. However, this does not imply that individuals cannot choose their own insurance company or insurance consultant.

In the following links to the recommended insurance companies, you can find information about their terms, coverage, exclusions, and other details. For any clarification you may require, please contact the above companies directly.

Travel insurance plans, with cancellation cover up to €5,000, covering travel to altitudes up to 3,000 m and ages up to 80 years.

Plans covering search and rescue at altitudes up to 7,500 m, medical services, telemedicine and other

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