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Tour overview

Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) is a 6 day Hiking Tour that consists of some of the island’s most scenic hikes and, most importantly, the three highest mountains on Rhodes.

Our meticulously designed tour includes:

  • Accommodation – 5 nights in 3 star hotels with breakfast.
  • All Transfers.
  • A Self-guided hiking kit (maps, GPS routes and personal briefing with local guide).
  • Bonus sea kayaking activity
  • Entrance fees into the archaeological site of Lindos.

Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) includes the unique and significant historical and cultural heritage of the island. Unique, because throughout the centuries, it has attracted the attention of the Minoans, the Phoenicians, the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Byzantines, the Knights of Saint John, the Jews, the Ottomans, the Levantines and the Italians. All of whom have contributed to its rich cultural make-up. Nowadays, Rhodes is a popular cosmopolitan destination due to the subsequent wonderful buildings and monuments it boasts, its natural beauty, mild climate and almost year-round sunshine.

Our Hiking Tour, Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) gives you a taste of all this as well as taking you away from the hustle and bustle of typical tourist areas. You get to explore both the culture and beauty as you follow roads less travelled on, paths used for agriculture and livestock farming and old trails that lead to pilgrimage sites and places of religious devotion. You explore the real heart of the island and its natural beauty that few tourists have seen or are even aware of.

Highlights include a hike to Lindos, a beautiful village with its iconic Acropolis and Temple of Lindian Athena. You also enjoy magnificent 360 degree views from Mt.Akramitis. Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) combines a rich cultural experience and explores undeveloped, naturally beautiful areas and their magnificent scenery – the deep blue of the Greek sky above charming beaches and crystal clear waters.

Trekking Hellas offers a variety of activities and tours on Rhodes and the Dodecanese Islands, which can be added to your itinerary which you can customize to your wants and personal taste.  If you enjoy hiking off the beaten path and on authentic undeveloped islands we highly recommend our Karpathos Hiking Tour or you can try our Sail and Hike in the Dodecanese Islands if you wish to explore the islands much like a sailor would.

Tour Summary


6 days

Period of Operation: April to October


  • 680€ for 4-6 participants
  • 790€ for 2-3 participants



Tour Details

Tour inclusions
  • Accommodation in 3* Hotels with breakfast (5 nights)
  • Welcome info and detailed briefing by local manager
  • Detailed maps / GPS routes
  • Sea Kayaking Activity plus lunch (Day 6)
  • Entrance fees for Archaeological Site of Lindos
  • All local transfers (Airport to Embonas, Embonas to Salakos, Embonas to Agios Isidoros, Embonas to Monolithos, Monolithos to Vlicha, Transfers for sea kayaking activity)


Arrival at Diagoras International Airport of Rhodes and transfer (optional) to the village that will be your base for three nights (approx 30 minutes). Meeting with local manager for welcome package and briefing about the details of the Hiking Tour. Overnight stay in Embonas village (well-known for its wine).

The first hike of Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) is located in the middle of Rhodes Island and is an ideal combination of mountainous landscape, great views and an easy hike to begin your Hiking Tour Salakos, the starting point of the hike, is a quaint agricultural village, located on the foothills of the mountain Profitis Ilias. The third biggest mountain of the island awaits for you to explore it! The trail ascends gradually along gentle slopes, it is well maintained and so also suitable for beginners due to its good quality. Most of the hike is under the shade of ilex trees, pine trees and some olive trees.  During the uphill climb, you enjoy magnificent views of the Aegean Sea, the coastline of Turkey and some of the nearby islands. Once you arrive at the top you can admire the famous hotels called “Elafos and Elafina” (male and female deer in Greek), former Italian buildings constructed by the Italians in 1929 and 1932 during the Italian Occupation of the island. The hotels boast an Alpine Style of architecture, unique for a Greek Island. After a well-deserved break in the area of the hotels, you can start the descent back to Salakos. Overnight stay in Embonas village.

  • Total hiking distance: 5.52 km / 3.42 miles
  • Difference of altitude covered: 395 m / 1295 ft
  • Route description: One route in both directions (Starting and finishing at the same point). Mountain alpine trail, soft terrain but sometimes also rocky. Easy.
  • Estimated hiking time: 3 hours

Attaviros, the highest mountain of the Dodecanese islands, is your goal for today! After spending two nights on its foothills, admiring its imposing majesty from the village of Embonas, it’s time to begin day 2 of Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided). This Hiking Tour consists of an alpine hike up to the summit. Although there is also a hike that climbs up the mountain from the side of Embonas where you are, it is very strenuous and unsafe so, today’s hike starts from Agios Isidoros, a beautiful village on the east side of the mountain. Agios Isidoros was once full of life but is nowadays inhabited by only a few elderly locals. The hike will gradually climb up until you get to the plateau of Attaviros and then follows the final climb to the summit. The uphill climb can last up to 3.5 – 4 hours depending on your physical fitness. The views from the top are incredible, as you can admire views of the whole island including both the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas on the east and west coasts of Rhodes and even some nearby islands. At the top there are also some remains of an Ancient Greek temple dedicated to Attavirios Zeus. After a recommended picnic close to the top, you begin the descent back down Agios Isidoros. Here the tavernas, as local restaurants are called, have some of the most delicious food you can find on Rhodes – all homemade. Overnight stay in Embonas village.

  • Total hiking distance: 16.6 km /10.3 miles
  • Difference of altitude covered: 658 m /2.158 ft
  • Route description: One route in both directions (Starting and finishing at the same point). Mountain alpine trail, rocky terrain and dirt road. Difficult.
  • Estimated hiking time: 6 hours

This day is the most surprising of your Hiking Tour due to the unique natural environment in the area of Akramitis. Day 3 of Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) starts on a trail from Monolithos, a beautiful rural village on the undeveloped and as yet unspoilt western side of the island. The summit of Akramitis Mountain, the second highest mountain on Rhodes, is your goal for today! The hike gradually ascends on green slopes under cypress trees that overlook the bay of Apolakia providing multiple amazing photo opportunities. After the strenuous first part, you find yourselves hiking through an area full of colourful and scented shrubs and herbs and you soon reach the chapel of St John. Here it’s time for a well-deserved stop before starting the final climb up to the summit. Once you reach the summit you will be lost for words as the views are magnificent. You can admire stunning views of the nearby islands of Halki, Alimia, Tilos and even Karpathos, the inland area of Rhodes Island and the lake in Apolakia. This Hiking Tour leaves you feeling like a real trepid explorer. On the way down, you follow a different trail among tall pine trees. Here Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) offers you the chance to explore a little-known area of the island, and will surely convince you that Rhodes is more than unique. Overnight stay in Vlicha (near Lindos)

  • Total hiking distance: 9.10km / 5.65 miles
  • Difference of altitude covered: 421 m / 1381 ft
  • Route description: Circular route (Starting from a little way outside Monolithos and finishing a little closer to the village). Mountain alpine trail, soft terrain but sometimes also rocky. Moderate.
  • Estimated hiking time: 3.5 hours

Day 4 of Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) is dedicated to the East coast of Rhodes. A Hiking Tour which is totally different to what you have experienced so far. The trail starts in the area of Vlicha, a beach located close to Lindos. At the start of the trail you quickly leave behind the buzz of the busy main road by following a dirt road and moving towards the west. Soon enough you find yourselves walking in the shade of mature pine trees, whose existence is highly surprising on the dry rocky land around Lindos. You then follow a trail that goes along the foot of imposing sheer limestone slopes – truly breathtaking. Afterwards, you visit an impressive cave and admire what little evidence remains of a once agricultural existence – somehow forgotten there nowadays after the onset of tourism. Finally the Hiking Tour reaches its highest point, and it is time for some stunning views of “Navarone Bay” with its azure-coloured water. Here you can take advantage of the opportunity to take some photos from a unique vantage point, take a break or even meditate on how beautiful the seemingly endless sea is. After a short descent, you get the first glimpse of the hill on which the Acropolis of Lindos proudly stands. There are no words to describe the beauty of such this historic monument which has been touched by all the ages in history. That’s why Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) leads you closer, giving you the chance to roam in the narrow streets of the whitewashed village of Lindos. After some time sightseeing and relaxing there it is time to find another trail, along beside the coast taking you back to Vlicha. Overnight stay in Vlicha (Lindos area)

  • Total hiking distance: 12.3km / 7.64 Miles
  • Route description: Circular Route (Starting from Vlicha and finishing at Vlicha). Easy trail, soft terrain but sometimes also rocky. Easy to Moderate.
  • Estimated hiking time: 3.5 hours

On the last day of Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) you will have the chance to experience something totally different, in order to explore the coastline from a different perspective. The Sea Kayaking Tour starts from Vlicha Beach. Our expert BCU certified guide will be waiting for you, to give you all the instructions and kayak fitting you need. After paddling along the coastline, passing by beautiful rock formations and hidden caves you will reach Lindos, with its quaint little whitewashed houses. We aren’t stopping now as we have a date with stunning St. Paul’s Bay before paddling through an amazing “Sea Canyon” and onto secluded Navarone Bay. Here you enjoy some time snorkelling in the breathtaking turquoise waters before we return to beautiful Lindos to enjoy a tasty nutritious lunch at a seaside taverna located right on the beach. Our meal consists of freshly-cooked homemade Greek dishes and then after our relaxing lunch we set off on the short hike up to the main village. Here our Sea Kayaking TourKayaking Lindos allows you to wander through the village’s small picturesque alleys. We also visit and teach you about the Temple of Athena on the Acropolis of Lindos before paddling back to Vlicha. The activity and your unique experience Hiking Rhodes (Self-Guided) ends back here at our starting point for the day. From Vlicha we drive you back to your hotel (to pick up your luggage or stay over if you choose to extend the length of your stay there).

  • Distance covered: 9 nautical miles
  • Duration: 09.00 – 17.00
  • Level: Moderate
  • Swimming knowledge, basic physical fitness and basic previous experience sea kayaking needed.
  • All sea kayaks are tandem (for 2 pp)


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