Teen Road trip to Iceland, 6-12 July 2024

Teen Road trip to Iceland, 6-12 July 2024

Let's find your favorite Foss! An exciting trip for 15 - 17 year olds to Iceland.

6-12 July 2024
7 days
Teen Road trip to Iceland, 6-12 July 2024
Price from €2520


We take our young ones on adventures and aim to inspire them to become better people with a wider vision. As members of our adventure trips, they will challenge what they know, step out of their comfort zones, learn to believe in themselves, test their limits, be team members, be friends and learn to be leaders!

If you are an adventurous high schooler, then join our unique trek in the land of fire and ice and make lifetime memories!

Iceland is an eerie island, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, which is the dream of every restless traveler. Amazing attractions of all kinds, such as volcanic fields full of lava flows, craters, fumaroles, geysers, bubbling mud lakes, basalt rocks, waterfalls (about ten thousand), steep coasts, but also glaciers, ice caves, national parks and geoparks, picturesque fishing villages, gorges, iceberg lakes, hot springs, beaches, rocky shores and so much more to discover.


  • Seal watching at the country's largest seal colony
  • Three-hour whale watching by boat that allows us to get right next to these amazing sea giants
  • Walks in the geothermal fields of Lake Myvatn, with craters, bubbling mud, and fumaroles
  • Studlagil Canyon Exploration Trail, including the best viewpoints 
  • Observe thousands of puffins nesting on a cape in their natural environment, standing at 3 m. distance
  • Amphibian boat cruise on Lake Jokulsarlon, among huge icebergs
  • Visit Europe's largest glacier Vatnajokull
  • Visit impressive waterfalls, find your favorite Foss, and, if bold enough, stand behind their rushing waters
  • Sightseeing tours in Skaftafell National Park and Katla Geopark
  • Visit the most significant sights, attractions, and the market of Reykjavik, a beautiful and picturesque city
Day 1
Flight Iceland - Thingvellir, Reykjavik
Day 2
Whale watching, Akureyri
Day 3
Dettifoss, Stludlagil, Egilsstadir
Day 4
Litlanesfoss / Hengifoss, Vestrahorn - Hofn
Day 5
Jokulsarlon, Skaftafell, Katla Geopark
Day 6
, Strokur geiser, Thingvellir, Reykjavik
Day 7
Return flight

Activities / Schedule

Arrival in Iceland, Thingvellir, Reykjavik

Direct morning flight Athens – Keflavik with departure time 10:00 and arrival time 13:20. Car pick-up  and departure for Perlan Natural History Museum. In the museum we will be able to see important information about Iceland's natural environment, volcanoes, geology, enter an ice cave and watch a panoramic view of the planetarium with the phenomenon of the northern lights.

Immediately afterwards we depart for Borgarnes for an overnight stay at Fossatun Camping Pods & Cottages. Accommodation in small wooden houses / tents for 2 or 3 persons (sleeping bag needed).

Day route 137 km, 2 hours

Whale watching, Akureyri

After breakfast we depart for northern Iceland following the N1 perimeter road. In the Eyjafjordur fjord on the north side, a protected fjord that gathers many whales to feed, we will take part in a cruise to observe them. The excursion lasts about 2 1/2 to 3 hours with the experienced captain following the whales and dolphins to an area with Europe's largest concentration of whales.

We will then be transferred for an overnight stay in Akureyri, Iceland's second largest city. The overnight stay will take place at Hafnarstraeti Hostel, a futuristic accommodation with individual beds located in capsules.

Day route 365 km, 4 1/2 hours

Dettifoss, Stludlagil, Egilsstadir

We depart for the most beautiful lake in Iceland, Lake Myvatn, a eutrophic shallow lake in the area of the active volcano Krafla, which was created by an eruption 2300 years ago. We will make stops at various points of interest with pseudocraters, rock formations and underground lava faults with pools of hot water and we will wander around the geothermal fields of Hverir and Krafla, with fumaroles, effervescent muds and craters.

We continue with a visit to the Dettifoss waterfall with the largest volume of water in Europe. Driving east we will cross volcanic fields of desert type, with destination the Studlagil gorge, an impressive gorge with basaltic walls, which we will explore with a two-hour course, reaching the bottom and base of its basaltic walls.

In the afternoon we end up in the village of Egilsstadir for an overnight stay at Tehusid Hostel in dormitories with 8 – 10 beds and shared bathroom.

Day route 351 km, 5 hours

Litlanesfoss / Hengifoss, Vestrahorn - Hofn

We depart in the morning for an hour and a half hike to the Litlanesfoss and Henfifoss waterfalls located at the western end of Lake Egilsstadir, and descend from impressive volcanic rocks with warm colors and basaltic dihedra.

From a path we will climb to the waterfalls, from where we have a spectacular view of the slopes and the valley below.

Then we move to the southern coast of Iceland with day destination the village of Hofn. On our way we will stop at a Viking village, created as the backdrop of a movie, and then we will walk at the foot of the impressive mountain Vestrahorn, the long black beach in front of it.

In the afternoon we end up in Hofn, where we will spend the night at Hofn Hostel, in 4 or 5 bed rooms with shared bathroom

Day route 235 km, 4 hours

Jokulsarlon, Skaftafell, Katla Geopark

Lake Jokulsarlon is a glacial lake that began to be created around 1935, as by then the Vatnajokull glacier reached the sea. Since then, climate change has noticeably limited the glacier, leaving behind an impressive lake filled with floating icebergs. We will explore the lake with an amphibious boat which allows us to reach next to icebergs with seals swimming among them. Then we will walk to Diamond Beach, the beach where pieces of transparent ice wash up that shimmer like diamonds.

Continuing west we will go to the Skaftafell National Park, where we will make a short walk to observe up close one of the branches of the Vatnajokull glacier, the largest in Europe and then walk to the rim of the Fjadrargljufur gorge and the lava fields of the geopark.

In the afternoon we end up at the famous Black Beach with the basaltic cave Halsanefshellir, and the rocky impressive slopes above it filled with puffin nests. Overnight stay at The Barn Hostel 2*, in rooms with bunk beds and shared bathrooms

Day route 291 km, 4 hours

Strokur geiser, Thingvellir, Reykjavik

We start our day with a visit to rocky shores Dyrholaey, where puffins also nest which we will be able to see up close. Continuing west we will visit the impressive waterfalls of Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss, some of which we pass on their back side.

Continuing  we will visit the famous Geiser Strokkur  and the Thingvellir National Park, where we will march on a visible part of the fault of the Great Mid-Atlantic ridge formed by the separation of the two tectonic plates North American with Eurasian, and we will visit the area where the first parliament in Iceland was founded (UNESCO monument).

In the afternoon we end up in Reykjavik and after we settle in the rooms we will take a hiking walk to sights of the city (Hallgrimskirkja, Hofdi Hus, Sun Voyager, etc.)

Accommodation at Baldursbra Guesthouse in double or triple rooms.

Day route 290 km, 4h10'

Return flight

Very early in the morning we are transferred to the airport for the return flight. The flight departs at 06:00 and arrives in Athens at 14:50

Important Info

In a glance

Icelandic króna (ISK) (currency 1€ = ~ 150 ISK)

Fixed Departure Date

6-12 July 2024


  • 2.520 €/ person (for groups of 12-14 people)

Booking Information

Applications are accepted until the available seats are sold out.

Payment method:

1. 500 euros by the submission of the declare interest form and completion of the Participant's Personal Information Form

2. 500 euros by 15 March 2024

3. Full payment by 6 June 2024

Please note that any cancellation of your participation in the last 3 months, once the air tickets have been paid for, is subject to the terms and restrictions of the airline and is not covered by the cancellation terms of the rest of the package as stated in the Declaration of Participation

General information


The flights are made with the company PLAY which has direct connection to Athens, twice a week. Local transportation in Iceland is done by mini bus with 15-17 seats


Accommodation takes place in hostel-type accommodation or tourist residences, usually in dormitory rooms, with shared bathrooms. 


Breakfast and dinner are included in the price (excluding last day's breakfast as the flight departs at 6am). The food will either be prepared together in the kitchens of the accommodation where available, or we will take it in restaurants, in consultation with the escorts.

Safety, insurance, conduct of participants

Iceland is considered one of the safest countries on the planet to live or travel, and it is characteristic that there are no prisons in the country.

Participation in the trip requires the proper and prudent behavior of the children, their full compliance with the instructions of the escorts/drivers, as well as respect for the rules of each accommodation. Escorts/drivers of the trip have the right to refuse a participant to take part in an activity or even to request his/her extraordinary repatriation at his/her own expense,  if his/her behavior endangers he/herself, the group or does not comply with the rules and instructions given to him/her for the proper realization of the trip/program, without this giving rise to compensation. Any expenses/compensation caused by damages caused by the participants in accommodation, restaurants, vehicles or shops will be covered by the parents/guardians of those responsible for the damages. We look forward to the cooperation of all participants so that the trip contains only pleasant memories.

The cost of the trip includes Basic travel insurance, which covers various contingencies such as health issues (eg injury on a course, which requires transportation and hospitalization), even coverage of total cancellation of the trip for an amount up to 5.000 € including cancellation due to covid-19. In the following link you can see the benefits of the program and contact our insurance consultant to answer your questions about Travel Insurance coverage by Trekking Hellas

Switch plans

As Iceland is a destination with often unexpected situations due to weather, the program described above is indicative. Depending on the conditions and physical condition of the participants, the escort reserves the right to modify the program based on the safe progress of the program and the safety of the participants.


In case of cancellation, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • Any cancellation made from the day of booking and up to 45 days before departure, will be charged with 50 € per person, for administrative fees.
  • Any cancellation fee made after the 15th of March will be charged a cancellation fee of 200 €.
  • From 44 to 30 days before departure: 40% of the total cost of the trip.
  • From 29 to 14 days before departure: 75% of the total cost of the trip.
  • From 13 days before departure until departure (non show): 100% of the total cost of the trip.


  • Hiking shoes and trainers
  • Isothermal T-shirts (thin, medium)
  • Fleece blouses in various thicknesses
  • Fleece jacket or other
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Swimsuit & towel for possible swimming in hot springs
  • Day backpack 20-30 liters that will be the hand luggage on flights
  • Sleeping bag light
  • Soft carrier bag 60 liters

Teen Road trip to Iceland, 6-12 July 2024

Let's find your favorite Foss! An exciting trip for 15 - 17 year olds to Iceland.

Price from €2520



What should I bring with me?

  • What is listed above in Equipment section

Program change

As Iceland is a destination with often unforeseen situations due to weather or others, the program described above is indicative. Depending on the conditions and the physical condition of the participants, the guide reserves the right to modify the program or not allow someone to participate in one of the activities that require good physical condition or getting used to moving on difficult terrain.

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