Kids Camps

Unleash your child's adventurous spirit with our exciting kids camps

Our kids camps are a blast! With hiking, kayaking, and surfing, your child will have a thrilling and enriching experience while enjoying the great outdoors. They'll explore mountains, forests, lakes, and beaches, building physical fitness and teamwork skills along the way. The experienced Trekking Hellas team will ensure everything is safe and tailored to each child's skill level!

Find the summary table of the camps' programs here.
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All Activities

Pertouli Summer Camp

12 days


International Camp Pertouli

12 days


Adventure Camp in Valia Calda & Sivota

9 days


Karpenissi Summer Camp

15 days


Summer Youth Camp at Tsivlou lake

7 days


International Camp Black Forest, Germany

14 days


Summer Youth Camp Chelmos

11 days


Summer Sailing Camp in Sporades

8 days


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