Easter in Iceland 28 April-6 May 2024

Easter in Iceland 28 April-6 May 2024

Road trip to the miracle of nature

28 April-6 May 2024
9 days
Easter in Iceland 28 April-6 May 2024
Price from €2970


Iceland is an otherworldly island, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, which is a dream of every restless traveler.

It ranks first in the Global Peace Index, it doesn't even have an army, all electricity comes from renewables, and in 2016 it was ranked the 9th most developed country in the world in terms of the United Nations Human Development Index.

It is identified with the island of Thule discovered by Pytheas in the 4th century. Its inhabitants are descendants of the Vikings and their culture was shaped by the Norse heritage they brought with them.

It is an island with a very large number of amazing attractions of all kinds, such as volcanic fields full of lava flows, craters, fumaroles, geysers, effervescent pools, mud lakes, basaltic rocks, waterfalls (about ten thousand), steep coasts, but also glaciers, ice caves, national parks and geoparks, picturesque fishing villages, gorges, iceberg lakes, hot springs, beaches, rocky shores and so much more.

We design a series of programs, each with its own character and adapted to each season (one season we will go to see whales or puffins, another season for hiking in the highlands, another for the northern lights and another to enter an ice cave), programs with different duration to suit everyone's available time,  Different level of difficulty and variety of activities from very mild to quite demanding, programs for families, climbers or adventure lovers and much more.

This program combines a visit to some of Iceland's most important landscapes and attractions, with wildlife watching such as seals, whales and puffins, hot springs, craters and more. And all this combined with small or larger routes that bring us to the hidden corners of every place, even away from the crowds of classic routes.

A program addressed to people who love company, nature, action and exploration and wish to form a complete view of Iceland in relation to the duration of the trip.

Day 1
Direct flight Athens – Iceland, Borgarnes
Day 2
Trekking on the Snaefellsnes peninsula
Day 3
Whale watching - Myvatn
Day 4
Lake Myvatn, Krafla volcanic region, Dettifoss waterfall, Stludlagil gorge, Egilsstadir
Day 5
Litlanesfoss & Hengifoss waterfalls - Hofn
Day 6
Amphibian boat ride on Lake Jokulsarlon, Skaftafell, Vik
Day 7
Waterfalls of South Iceland, strokur geiser, Thingvellir, return to Reykjavik
Day 8
Return to Reykjavik and visit
Day 9
Return flight to Greece

Activities / Schedule

Flight Iceland

Direct flight Athens – Iceland with PLAY, departure time 10:00 and arrival time 13:20. Pick up our car and depart for Reykjavik, where we will visit the Perlan Natural History Museum in order to form an opinion about the natural environment and geology of Iceland, so that we have a view of all the miraculous natural sights that we will see in the coming days. 

Immediately afterwards we depart for Borgarnes, for an overnight stay at Icelandair Hotel Hamar 3* in double rooms with bathroom and breakfast.

Day route 125 km, 2 hours

Snaefellsnes peninsula

Breakfast food and departure for the Snaefellsnes peninsula. On our first stop we will walk on a coast full of rocks and seals resting lazily on them. We will approach them to the limits of what is permissible so that we can admire them up close.

Continuing we will make a stop on the rocky shores of Arnarstapi for a course along the shores with the beautiful formations of polyhedral basaltic walls. On our next stop, on the coast of Londarangar we will walk up volcanic cliffs to the Malarrif lighthouse.  Finally, we will stop at the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall with the Kirkjufell mountain behind it, which along with other of today's landscapes were used as the backdrops of the Game of Thrones movie. In the evening we stay overnight at Hraunsnef Country Hotel 3* for overnight  stay

Day route 390 km, 5 hours

Whale watching - Myvatn

We depart early for Arskogssandur (327 km, 4 hours) where we will follow a three-hour whale watching program, in an area with the highest concentration of whales in Europe, with the chances of observation close to 100%.

In the afternoon we end up at Lake Myvatn for an overnight stay at Sel-Hotel Myvatn 3* in double rooms with bathroom and breakfast.

In the evening we will visit the famous Myvatn Nature Baths hot spring, with its milky warm waters, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Iceland.

Total day journey 430 km, 5 1/2 hours

Krafla, Dettifoss, Stludlagil, Egilsstadir

We start the day with a visit to Lake Myvatn and the Hverir and Krafla geothermal fields, making short runs through effervescent mud and fumarole.

Then we visit the waterfall with the largest volume of water in Europe Dettifoss and we will march around the area, within the Vatnajokull National Park.

Our next destination is the Studlagil gorge where we will walk to the bottom of the gorge, at the root of impressive vertical basaltic rocks. Accommodation in Egilsstadir at Hotel Eyvindara 3* or similar, in double rooms with bathroom and breakfast.

Day route 280 km, 4 hours

Litlanesfoss / Hengifoss - Höfn

We depart for the Litlanesfoss and Henfifoss waterfalls, precipitated by volcanic rocks. Here we will make a 2-hour hike reaching the highest waterfall, having a panoramic view of the waterfall and the valley.

Then the route will bring us to the southern coast of Iceland, making stops at various points of interest. One of our stops will be at Vestrahorn Mountain, where we will make a course on the long shallow beach in front of the mountain. Finally, we end up at Hofn for accommodation at the Milk Factory 3* hotel or similar, in double rooms with bathroom and breakfast.

Day route 244 km, 4 hours

Jokulsarlon, Skaftafell, Vik

We depart for Lake Jokulsarlon, a glacial lake that first appeared around 1935, when the Vatnajokull glacier began to melt. This glacier, which is the largest in Europe, before 1935 reached the sea, while gradually with climate change it was significantly reduced, leaving behind an impressive lake full of unique images of floating icebergs and seals hunting. We will explore the lake and its icebergs either with an inflatable boat or with an amphibian that allows us to be next to the icebergs.

Then we will visit Diamond Beach, at the mouth of the lake's outflow where shimmering ice thousands of years old is washing up. Continuing we will march to the Skaftafell National Park, reaching the Svartifoss waterfall that falls from black basaltic rocks. In the evening we will stay overnight at Black Beach Suites 3* or similar, in spacious studios overlooking the sea.

Day route 290 km, 4 hours

Waterfalls of South Iceland, Thingvellir, Reykjavik

On this side of Iceland there are concentrated a wide range of attractions, which we will visit, such as the Black Beach, the rocky shores of Dyrholaey, various famous waterfalls (Skogafoss, Kvernufoss, Glitufrabui and Seljalandsfoss and Gulfoss) making short exploration routes, while in some of the waterfalls we have the possibility to pass at the back of the falling waters. We will also visit the Strokur geiser and walk in the National Park Thingvellir, on an obvious part of the fault of the Great Mid-Atlantic Ridge formed by the separation of two tectonic plates, North American and Eurasian. Here is also the place where Iceland's first parliament (a UNESCO monument) was established. In the afternoon we depart for Reykjavik, for Accommodation at Hotel Muli 3* or similar, in double rooms with bathroom and breakfast.

Day route 312 km, 4 1/2 hours


Free day to Reykjavik for walks to the main attractions of the city (Hallgrimskirkja, Hofdi Hus, Sun Voyager, etc.) and free time for walks in the city market  or optional visit to the Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon

Accommodation in the same hotel

Return flight from Iceland

Early in the morning transfer to the airport for flight to Greece with flight time 06:00 and arrival in Athens 14:50.

Important Info

In a glance

103.000 sq.km
Icelandic Króna (ISK) (exchange rate 1€ = ~ 147 ISK)
35.6 years
Same as Greenwich Mean Time (-2 hours from Greece in winter, - 3 hours in summer)


  • Tour of Iceland for a complete view of the country and its attractions.
  • Impressive volcanic landscapes of lava flows, caves, volcano craters, fumaroles, etc
  • Unique gorges with polyhedral basaltic walls and black volcanic rocks
  • Many waterfalls, some of which leave a gap to walk behind
  • Tasting with local dishes of wild salmon, free-range lamb, crayfish soups and other seafood
  • Wildlife observation in its natural environment, such as seals, whales, dolphins, puffins, etc
  • Daily walks, small or large, that lead us to impressive hidden corners, rocky shores, etc.
  • Whale watching boat excursion in an area with Europe's largest concentration of whales
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lake Boat Trip
  • Sightseeing routes in Skaftafell National Park and Katla Geopark

Fixed Departures

28 April-6 May 2024 Easter


  • 2.970 € per person (for 10+ participations)

940 € single room difference

Difficulty Level

  • 2/5

Book your seat

In order to book your seat, you must first read the terms of participation mentioned on our website and if you accept them, then fill in the Participation Form at the link https://forms.gle/JYY58M7Evr3Cwx4c8

After completing the form and within 5 days you will have to send a deposit of 500 €. Another amount of 500 € should be sent 2 months before departure and the payment of the trip must be completed gradually up to one month before departure. Any cancellation of airline tickets is subject to the conditions and restrictions of each airline and is not covered by the cancellation terms of the rest of the package.

The deposit and the payment should be sent to the account of ALPHA BANK with IBAN number: GR1001407960796002002013550, under the name OUTDOORS TRAINING IKE.

During the money transfer or deposit process, write down your name and the name of the trip in the REASON field.

General Information


Local transfers are made by minibus with 17 or 19 seats. Air tickets with direct flights are included in the price. 


Accommodation takes place in 3* hotels or other accommodation, in double rooms with bathroom and breakfast as shown in the detailed description.


Food is not included in the price. It can be done either in restaurants in the areas we visit, or in the restaurants of hotels where available. The cost of a dish in restaurants ranges from 20 to 60 € depending on the choices.

Switch plans

The escort of our office has the ability to modify the program if weather or other local conditions (strikes, political unrest, etc.) impose it, with the main criterion being the smooth development of the program and the safety of the participants. Any costs arising from such changes shall be covered by the participants.


Tipping is an optional gesture that is usually omitted even by happy travelers. However, such a substantial reward to a consistent escort who has exaggerated to offer the best possible to the participants, helps the escort to be happy with his work and maintain his fun and energy.

Insurance / insurance

The cost of the trip includes travel insurance, which covers various contingencies such as health contingencies (eg injury on a course at an altitude of up to 3,000 m, which requires transportation and hospitalization), missed flight and other cases, even coverage of total cancellation of the trip for an amount up to 5,000 € including cancellation due to covid-19.

The coverage included is for ages up to 70 years old, while for ages 70 to 80 an additional amount is required, ask us for information.

In the following link you can see the benefits of the program and if you want to contact our insurance consultant to answer your questions about Travel Insurance coverage by Trekking Hellas


  • Hiking shoes waterproof
  • Sports shoes
  • Isothermal T-shirts (thin, medium)
  • Fleece blouses in various thicknesses
  • Fleece jacket
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Swimwear & towel for hot springs
  • 30 litre daily backpack that will be the hand luggage on flights
  • Soft carrying bag (supplied)

Easter in Iceland 28 April-6 May 2024

Road trip to the miracle of nature

Price from €2970


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