Olympus Mythical Trek – 4 Days

Olympus Mythical Trek – 4 Days

In the footsteps of the Ultra race Olympus Mythical Trail

20 July - 30 September
4 days
Olympus Mythical Trek – 4 Days
Price from €450


The Olympus Mythical Trek is not just a four-day hiking trip!

It is a different hiking experience, in the footsteps of the most demanding Ultra trail race on Mount Olympus and in Greece – the Olympus Mythical trail, which covers a distance of 102 kilometers, with 6500 meters of altitude to overcome. We will be crossing a large part of Mount Olympus, mainly on unknown paths and at various altitudes that represent the whole mountain, from the foothills to the peaks, at 2900 meters! It is addressed to hikers in good physical condition, who want to see a wilder and lesser-known side of the mythical mountain! Who are looking for something different, challenging and adventurous.

Day 1
Lakkos (270m) – Musses Plateau (2700m) - 24km
Day 2
Musses Plateau (2700m) – Karya / Seloma (1160m) - 23km
Day 3
Seloma /Karya (1160m) – Ai Giannis (600m) - 23km
Day 4
Ai Giannis (600m) – Litochoro / Lakkos (270m) - 32km

Activities / Schedule

Lakkos (270m) – Musses Plateau (2700m) - 24km

Starting from Lakkos in Litochoro, we follow the path of the “Mythical” race and gain altitude relatively quickly, reaching Zilnia (700m) and Chandolia (960m). In 5 km we reach the first of the many mountain huts of the route, the one in Stavros (950m), to continue to Koromilia (1000m) mountain hut in 14 km. From there we continue uphill through beautiful dense forest to Petrostrouga (1940m), where the homonymous mountain hut is located, in 19km. Further up, we enter the alpine zone of the mountain, where the forest gradually disappears, giving way to alpine bare land. From the ridge of Skourta (2485m) we reach the Musses Plateau at 2700m, where we will make our first overnight stay in either Apostolidis (2700m) or Kakkalos (2650m) mountain hut.

  • Total distance: 24 km
  • Total ascent: 2900+ meters
  • Hiking hours: 10-12
  • Difficulty: 4/5

Musses Plateau (2700m) – Karya / Seloma (1160m) - 23km

Our second day will be of a very … alpine landscape! After a good breakfast, we start from Musses Plateau in a southerly direction, taking the path to Zonaria and passing under the imposing peaks that dominate the area. After a short descent with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, we ascend again this time steeply, the “Golgotha” path – meaning Ordeal in Greek – to the top of Skolio (2905m) which is the highest point of our trek. From Skolio we continue to the alpine zone of the mountain, to reach Agios Antonios (2817m) peak and with a steep descent we soon arrive at Migotzidis (2350m) emergency shelter. Then follow vast areas of alpine meadows in the location called “Bara”, until the Metamorfosi col (2510m) at the 13thkm of the day (total 37 km). From the col begins the long descent, following the “O2” trail named “Saranda Kagelia”, with southern direction to “Harvalovrisi” (1300m) and from there with eastern direction to the location Seloma (1160m). This is the end of our second day, having done 23km and 47km overall from the beginning! Trekking Hellas cars will take us to the village of Karya or Skamnia, where we will spend the night in a local guesthouse. Here, our “supply” drop bags – with the selected extras eg clothing – that were handed over to the organisers before the start of the trek, will be delivered.

  • Total distance: 47 km (Daily 23km)
  • Total ascent: 3700+ meters (Daily 800+)
  • Hiking hours: 7-8
  • Difficulty: 4/5

Seloma /Karya (1160m) – Ai Giannis (600m) - 23km

The third day of our trek is the easiest. We start from Seloma, heading in an easterly direction, and after 3 km we arrive at Bichtesi (1270m) where there is a spring with ice cold water! Large pastures spread over the area, with strong signs of animal and human presence alike. Soon we’ll be… back on track, on an almost flat, well-marked path in dense forest. The trail narrows after 3km from the spring and becomes rougher, as the first ascents to the Great Plai begin. Pine and beech forests dominate this area with an average altitude of 1300 meters. After 12 km of hike, we reach Pigadi mountain hut (1410m). We continue on easy terrain, moving on the almost flat, idyllic landscape of “Malta” beech forest. After 6 km we arrive at Skandaliara (meaning mischievous in Greek) where there is a stream with little springs of drinkable water to cool us a down after the 19 km of the day! The next 2 km are along the forest road, heading east towards Litochoro, where after a while we reach a location …choked with fir trees. This is the forest of Ai Gianni (600m), with the homonymous chapel. Company cars will once again be waiting to take us to Litochoro, just 4km away, for a meal, regrouping and rest before the last and most difficult day of the 4day trek.

  • Total distance: 70 km (Daily 23 km)
  • Total ascent: 4400+ meters (Daily 700+)
  • Hiking hours: 6-7
  • Difficulty: 3/5

Ai Giannis (600m) – Litochoro / Lakkos (270m) - 32km

The 4th day is the most difficult, but the beautiful scenery & nature changes will totally make up for it! From Ai Giannis (600m) starts a 10 km long, uphill path, through dense pine forest of variable slope gradient, offering at times a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. It is this demanding “climb” that plays a decisive role in the Ultra trail race – that of success or failure to reach the finish line. The ascent is completed 1500m higher, at Livadaki (2100m), where a stone hut is built – a remnant of the livestock seasons in the area. From here starts a flat path with a north direction, that leads to the Mavrologos expanse (meaning black woodland), one of the most characteristic areas of the 4-day trek! Our main descend begins now, from a narrow, old path into an impressive forest of black pine (robola) with panoramic views of the great peaks of Olympus! At 8 km from Livadaki and after descending 1000 meters, we reach Prionia (2100m), the most central and popular destination on the mountain. Here, in the tavern of Prionia, we will have a short break for some food and rest, before continuing.
The second part of the day consists of 14km, with 500+ altitude gain, mostly through the stunning Enipeas gorge. We start by following the E4 trail for 3km, up to the old monastery of Agios Dionysios, and then switch to a secondary trail that runs parallel to the Enipeas gorge but somewhat higher than the riverbed. Eventually we arrive at Golna, having hiked 27km from the start of the day, were we have a panoramic view: Litochoro at our feet with the sea just a breath away. Going downhill, we follow a rough path, through dense vegetation of shrub trees and reach Lakkos where we finish our hike. After 32 kilometers and 2100+ meters of ascent of the 4th day, the “Olympus Mythical Trek” has left us with the imprint of a hard test, yet adorned with unforgettable images that will accompany us for a long time after this unique experience!

  • Total distance: 102 km (Daily 32 km)
  • Total ascent: 6500+ meters (Daily 2100+)
  • Hiking hours: 11-13
  • Difficulty: 5/5

Important Info

In a glance

euro (€)
UTC+02:00 (EET)


  • Ascend to Skolio peak (2912m)
  • Overnight stay at Musses Plateau
  • Olympus’ unknown mountain & alpine paths

Fixed Departures

  • August: 22-25


  • 450€/pp for min 3 participants

General Information

Olympus Mythical Trek is a four-day hiking trip, which follows exactly the course of the Ultra race Olympus Mythical Trail –
102km distance and an altitude difference of 6500 meters. The 102klm route is divided into 4 days where we will hike daily 25-35 klm.
On the first day our journey starts from Lakkos-Litochoro and ends at Musses Plateau where we will spend the night.
On the second day we move in a southerly direction for several kilometers on the alpine terrain of Mount Olympus. Starting from the Musses Plateau towards Skolio (2912m), Agios Antonios (2820m) and Baras Plateau. From there starts a long, continuous downhill path that will lead us to Karya Plateau and Karya village where we will spend our second night.
On the third day our route is relatively easy, it starts from Bichtesi towards Pigadi mountain hut (1400m) and from there to Ai Giannis which is very close to Litochoro, where our last overnight stay will be.
The fourth and last day of our hike starts from Ai Giannis towards Livadaki, then Tsouknida and descends to Prionia to enter the last part of the Enipeas gorge that will lead us to Litochoro where this four-day magical journey to the mountain of the Gods comes to an end!


  • Small backpack 30lt
  • Trail running or hiking shoes
  • Hiking clothes suitable for the season (long & sort trousers, t-shirts, fleece etc)
  • Waterproof jacket/membrane (for the rainy days)
  • Hat or beanie, sunglasses, sunblock
  • Snacks (nuts / dried fruit / energy bar)
  • Your own personal water bottle. As part of our environmental policy and actions, we are committed to eliminating the use of plastic water bottles.
  • Torch (head torch if you have one)
  • Washbag and simple first aid kit (plasters or blister kit, aspirin or similar, antiseptic)
  • Light sleeping bag or liner for the 1st night ( then, drop-off at Karya village for safe keeping)


Olympus Mythical Trek – 4 Days

In the footsteps of the Ultra race Olympus Mythical Trail

Price from €450



What should I bring with me?

  • What is listed above in Equipment section

What's the meeting point & time?

Meeting Point: Trekking Hellas Mt.Olympus office, to see exact meeting point click here

Time: 06.00am

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