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Tinos Self Guided Hiking Tour

Tinos Self Guided Hiking Tour

An exploration of a lesser known, but truly authentic and extremely colourful Greek Islands.

Throughout the year (excluding July-August)
5 days
Tinos Self Guided Hiking Tour
Price from €660


Tinos Self Guided Hiking Tour.  It offers unique hiking opportunities throughout the year. Tinos is one of the few Greek islands that have a vibrant community even during the winter. Hotels and restaurants run all year long and locals will welcome you with their warm hospitality!

Highlight of Tinos are its super picturesque villages, traditional dovecotes and windmills. The island is nowadays what the island of Delos was to pilgrims in antiquity. Twice a year, on March 25th and August 15th, religious travellers inundate the island to visit the magnificent church of Virgin Mary (in Greek: Panagia). Many pilgrims reach the church, 800 meters from the ferry wharf on their hands and knees as a sign of devotion. Apart from the main town, Chora, we visit many villages located in the islands interior. The most famous of which is Pyrgos, the marble art village. The village of Volakas on the other hand surprises travellers with its extraordinary lunar appearance! And Tripotamos, is the village of local customs. Tinos also boasts numerous magnificent sandy beaches and an absolutely delicious local cuisine !

Our  Tinos Self Guided Hiking Tour is self-guided, however feel free to contact us in case you need a guide.

Day 1
LFrom Athens to Tinos Island
Day 2
The three capitals of Tinos
Day 3
The Hike of Poseidon
Day 4
The marble villages
Day 5
Departure from Tinos

Activities / Schedule

From Athens to Tinos Island

We transfer you from Athens airport or Athens center to the port of Tinos for your embarkation to the ferry towards Tinos island. The trip lasts between 2 -2.5 hours depending on the ferry available. Upon arrival to Tinos you will be transferred to Onar Hotel, located in the capital of the island, “Chora”. The friendly owners will welcome you and give you all necessary information for your stay in Tinos and will make you feel at home. The rest of the day will be free to stroll in the beautiful capital town of Tinos.

Overnight in Tinos.

The three capitals of Tinos

We start our island experience with a transfer high up to the hilltop village of Falatados, the second biggest in the island. Here is the start of our hike through the famous granite formations plateau of Tinos. We walk down to Volax, an isolated, sparkling white settlement in the middle of the Plateau. From there, we hike up towards Koumaros, another tiny village known for it’s unmanned self service café. We continue uphill towards Xombourgo, the medieval Citadel of Tinos. Built on a very strategic location on the second highest summit of the island, the Castle top offers one of the most spectacular panoramic views in the Aegean Sea. After resting on the summit we start our downhill hike, passing by the ruins of the ancient capital on the foothill of Xombourgo and through the main stone paved path of the island, that leads back down to the sea and Chora, the modern Capital of Tinos.

Overnight in Tinos.

Hike: Falatados – Volax – Koumaros – Xombourgo – Chora

Distance: 11.3 km / 7 miles / Duration: 5 hours
Elevation Gain: 450m - 1480ft / Elevation Loss: 790m - 2590ft

The Hike of Poseidon

Today we discover the picturesque dovecotes of Tinos. Following an impressive medieval paved path (kalderimi), we visit the old village of Ktikados, the heart of traditional dovecote architecture. The path crosses agricultural and shepherd land, formed on steep terrain with the help of literally endless stone terraces (pezoules), which have given Tinos the nickname “the handmade island”.  Hiking downhill on a stone paved path with impressive sea view, we reach Kiona bay, the location of the ruins of the only ancient Temple dedicated to the god of the sea, Poseidon, in the Aegean Islands. Kionia beach is ideal for rest and swimming, so bring along your swimsuit and a towel!  Return to Chora takes place by a 20 minute short hike or by taxi. Overnight in Tinos.

Hike: Chora - Ktikados - Kionia – Chora

Distance: 7.7 km / 4.8 miles / Duration: 3.5 hours
Elevation Gain: 300m - 985ft / Elevation Loss: 300m - 985ft

The marble villages

The third of our hikes takes us to the north part of the island, world famous for its high-quality marble queries and long tradition of sculpting arts. We transfer to the village of Pyrgos, capital of the North and home to the Sculpting Department of the National School of Fine Arts. We start with a stroll through the sparkling white houses of the village, covered by marble artwork, which takes us to the Museum of Marble Sculpting, at the edge of the village. After an optional visit to the museum, we start an uphill hike through a stone paved path, to the hilly pass with the iconic windmills, offering a view towards both the North and South Aegean Sea. Then we arrive in Isternia, a whitewashed village clinging high up in the steep hills, overlooking the archipelago. The hike continues through a hilly traverse with impressive sea views, towards one more picturesque village, Kardiani. From there, we finally descent towards the beach in the bay of Giannakis. After some optional rest and swimming, we transfer back to our hotel in Chora.  Overnight in Tinos.

Hike: Pyrgos - Ysternia - Kardiani - Yiannaki Bay

Distance: 9.7km – 6 miles / Duration: 5 hours
Elevation Gain: 460m - 1510ft / Elevation Loss: 550m - 1800ft

Departure from Tinos

Time to return to Athens (or continue your travel to another Greek island!). After our delicious freshly made breakfast we transfer to the port to catch the boat for Athens. Upon Arrival, you will be transferred to Athens center or Athens airport, full of happy memories and images.

Important Info

In a glance

euro (€)
UTC+02:00 (EET)



Price / person

  • 660€ for 4-6 participants
  • 765€ for 2-3 participants


Single supplement: 210€/pp

General Information

Tinos Self Guided Hiking Tour. An exploration of a lesser known, but truly authentic and extremely colorful Greek Islands. It offers unique hiking opportunities throughout the year. Tinos is one of the few Greek islands that have a vibrant community even during the winter. Hotels and restaurants run all year long and locals will welcome you with their warm hospitality!


Please consider taking along the following items on your trip. This is not a fixed list, but more of a guideline, so feel free to add and remove items as you see fit.
Greece has a temperate climate. Base your clothing on the “layering system”, if it is hot you can “peel off” layers quickly, if it is cooler and windy you can quickly “dress up”.


  • Duffel bag or rolling luggage
  • Day pack to carry a camera, water bottle, and snacks, etc.
  • Luggage locks and tags


  • Mid-weight polar fleece sweater
  • Rain jacket and rain pants, or poncho


  • Hiking shorts
  • Casual clothing made of light-weight fabrics
  • T-shirts
  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • Hiking pants, loose and easy to move in
  • Underwear
  • Swimsuit

Clothing Accessories

  • Sun hat or baseball cap


  • Lightweight and supportive hiking boots, broken-in with good ankle support
  • Beach sandals
  • Casual, comfortable shoes for evening


  • Sunscreen and lip protection
  • Sunglasses and retainer strap
  • Beach towel

Optional Accessories

  • Security pouch or money belt
  • Trekking poles or walking staff
  • Camera, memory, and batteries
  • Reading and writing materials
  • Watch with alarm or travel alarm
  • Travel pillow
  • Motion sickness remedies
  • Personal first-aid kit
  • Insect repellent (low risk)
  • Electrical adapter plug/converter
  • Your own personal water bottle. As part of our environmental policy and actions, we are committed to eliminating the use of plastic water bottles.

The lighter you travel, the easier you travel. Use your best judgment and pack as lightly as possible. You will appreciate light luggage towards the end of your trip.

Tinos Self Guided Hiking Tour

An exploration of a lesser known, but truly authentic and extremely colourful Greek Islands.

Price from €660



What should I bring with me?

  • What is listed above in Equipment section

What's the meeting point & time?

Meeting Point: TBA

Time: TBA

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