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Trekking Hellas Schinoussa


(+30) 6988 183608

Livadi Beach, Schinoussa, 84300


Small Cyclades


George Klaoudatos

(+30) 6988 183608

Schinoussa and Small Cyclades - a unique island complex, a miniature of beauty, simplicity and peace. This is where we set up our base, a sea kayaking and hiking base.

Sea kayaking is one activity that helps us reach even the most hidden spots of the coastline, to exercise by gliding in the deep blue waters and  enjoy swimming in beaches and rock formations that are not accessible by car.

Our field of action extends from the deserted South Naxos to the unique mountain range of Amorgos. Schinoussa, Heraklia, Koufonisia, Donoussa, Keros and Antikeri create a cluster of small islands with beautiful peaks for hiking .

Every day, a new experience in the infinite microcosm of our islands. See you soon!

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Our People

Γιωργος Κλαουδάτος

George Klaoudatos

Trekking Hellas Λένια Πουναρτζόγλου2

Lenia Pounartzoglou

Σταυρος Τσαβαλάς2

Stavros Tsavalas

Τολης Μαστοράκης2

Tolis Mastorakis

All Provided Activities

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Sea kayaking into the sunset

2,5 hrs

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Sea kayaking Schinoussa

3,5 hrs

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Surf kayaking in Schinoussa

3 hrs


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