Trekking Hellas

Greece, the birthplace of western civilization has a lot to share with everybody!

Experience authentic, outdoor holidays in Greece, with specially designed guided or self-guided tours through your favorite activity, such as hiking, bikingsea kayakingsailingraftingriver trekking or other.

Discover a different side of Greece, away from the touristy crowds.

Culture authenticity seekers can explore a mythical place overwhelmed with history, visiting the Classic Greek monuments, the AcropolisDelphi, Ancient Olympia, Mycenae or the remains of Cycladic and Minoan civilizations.

Activities and nature lovers can discover a whole world of sheer excitement, hiking into volcanoes in Santorini, walking in the footpaths of ancient gods in Mt.Olympus, hiking in the pristine gorges of Crete or Epirus, climbing the breathtaking Meteora rocky pinnacles, or relaxing in the sandy beaches of Ionian Islands or Rhodes and Dodecanese Islands.

Gastronomy enthusiasts can savor tempting local dishes prepared with pure produce and the secret ingredient of love, in the stone villages of the Peloponnese and the picturesque villages of Crete and Zagori.

We create original and unforgettable experiences for every one wishing to reveal Greece’s endless beauty, especially for small groups, families, even independent or couple travelers.

Trekking Hellas welcomes you, the contemporary traveler of the world, offering carefully designed themed tours or even tailor-made tours, respecting your needs and fulfilling your wishes for the ideal vacation.

Dive in our pages and enjoy the diversity and unexplored beauty of Greece. 

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Canoe Kayak Ancient Kirinthos, North Evia


An interesting paddling day… back in time! The ancient city of Kirinthos is situated on a hill, on the eastern coast of North Evia. The city was built on this beautiful location overlooking t...
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Ancient Footpath Delphi Hiking


A historic and inspiring hike that combines the magic of nature with the mystery of ancient temples!  We follow the ancient footpath, from the slopes of Mt Parnassos in a forested route to the vill...
From 40,00 / 5 HoursRead more


Mt.Olympus Rapid, summit in 1 day

Mt. Olympus

A less known beautiful route to reach Mt. Olympus summit in just one day! Our guide meets you in Elassona town and with his 4×4 vehicle you drive up to Christakis refugee. The first 20 Kms unt...
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