Our Team


Michael Tsoukias


When I first visited Nepal, in the 80ties, as the leader of the first Greek Himalayan expedition I was surprised to find out that my country had many places as remote and authentic as Nepal and so the idea of creating a travel company that would promote Greece off the beaten path to foreigners, was conceived and the next year realized. Many years have gone since then and thousands of happy people from all over the world have visited places in Greece that they had never imagined before. From almost all of them I still hear the same comment: we never imagined that Greece is such a mountainous country with such wild and remote places. And I am also still amazed with the places I discover, either on foot, in a kayak or abseiling in a canyon, which combined with lots of history, real smiling and inviting people make the perfect combination of great trips – trips of a life time. I am also on the same life time trip and I am making sure that you will enjoy it as well – it’s a promise.

Deputy CEO

Stefanos Sidiropoulos


My involvement in outdoor activities was not at all accidental. It started through my spontaneous urge to live and act in the natural environment. However an organized plan of actions and the necessary (in conditions of long-term planning) element of patience where needed in order to accomplish my goal. Few people are lucky to be able to turn their “hobby» into their profession and I am pleased to be one of them. Now as a Deputy CEO of the company with the strongest network and the greatest experience in outdoor activities I set a new goal; To bring Greece to the spotlight through our uniquely designed products. Unique because they are adventures we wanted to create. My goal is to give prominence to the close relationship between tourism, culture, the natural environment and local productivity through outdoor activities, while always respecting the principles of sustainability. Always keeping up with the latest developments in the field of adventure travel, I make sure that our programs are adjusted to the latest trends of the industry. Therefore I aim to design comfortable journeys for active people addressing small groups for big adventures!

Sales Director

Loukia Leonidou


Trekking Hellas is a unique case of a company, where the subject of our work is very exciting and never boring. It is a company that listens and allows its employees to dare and try, materialize their dreams and ideas. Each member of Trekking Hellas team all over Greece is authentic and unique. I have studied business administration and International Marketing, I have two daughters and I am an amateur marathon runner. Since I was a kid, I loved travelling and discovering; in Trekking Hellas I found my second home and I can assure you that with us you will have an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience!

Operations Manager

George Benardis


I grew up in contact with nature. My natural tendency for exploration and adventure together with the surprise and emotional hype of every new destination I was discovering made the “trip to Greece” my personal objective.  In my country we say that “ when pleasure is shared it multiplies”.   So since 1996 that I joined Trekking Hellas, I became a professional rafting, trekking guide and sailing skipper. My educational background in engineering together with my passion for the outdoors  contributed to my “dream job” where my objective is to organize top of the end holiday experiences. In Greece of history, culture, majestic mountains, one and only seas and welcoming people discoveries never end !

Accounts Department Manager

Dimitra Kouri


I met Trekking Hellas as a client and I was given the opportunity to enjoy its thrilling life time experiences. Now I belong to the Trekking Hellas family and I am very happy for this. The demanding job of an accountant becomes really exciting when mixed with adventure, adrenaline and action !

Sales Representative

Theodore Kielich Kakoliris


Born in Florida and living in Athens Greece, I studied tourism management in the university of Kurt Bosh in Sion. While travelling and meeting new people, I realize how little I know about life. Therefore, I am always fascinated in new stories and adventures. Being an outdoor activity enthusiast, I found that Trekking Hellas fulfilled my interests, by sharing with the world the hidden treasures of nature that Greece has to offer.
With an experience in the inbound tourism of Greece, if anyone finds themselves in our “neck of the woods”, get in touch with Trekking Hellas, to show you the magic Greece has to offer.

Accounts Department

Georgia Giannakouli


I met Trekking Hellas and its people through my favorite activity , hiking and was given the opportunity to experience its unique services and philosophy. Now, I am working in the company’s accounting department and the fact that I can combine my work with my love for hiking and mountaineering is a dream come true. Through my work I meet people with the same thirst and passion to experience nature and i am happy and proud to say  that with Trekking Hellas, each trip is a complete and unique experience.

Kids Department

Ioanna Kalomalou


My first contact with Trekking Hellas was in the accounting department, from where I learned all the services that we offer and the authentic experiences we give at each and every journey. I have always been comfortable interacting with children, which has made it easy to adjust to my current position, being in charge of the kids department of Trekking Hellas which gives the fascinating opportunity to children to enjoy outdoor activities. For all the kids and grown-ups who love action and adventure, Trekking Hellas promises to fill you with the most beautiful and unforgettable memories!

Operations Department

Vasiliki Nikolou


Action and activities in the mountains, rivers, forest, sea, lakes. Enjoying trips and outdoor activities has always been self-evident and feasible for me. Activities in breathtaking places in Greece can be accessible to everybody. Trekking Hellas offers such tours organized, well-designed and with safety and I am happy to contribute to this effort.


Sales Representative

Yulia Nikolaenkova


Since I was a child I was really excited about travelling and exploring new places. I enjoyed every moment I could spend in the nature. I have been living in Greece for 5 years now and still I am impressed by the rich Greek nature.

When I became a part of Trekking Hellas team I discovered that there are a lot of possibilities to explore and enjoy the nature through activities. I am pleased to share my knowledge, and travel experience, help people to plan and organize their unforgettable trips in Greece

Media Manager / Videographer - Photographer

Apostolos Mantzouranis


From mountains to sea, combining the art of photography, video and music, I capture and share the unique moments our participants experience.  Full batteries, empty cards and off to our next adventure!