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Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is in our DNA. From day one, Trekking Hellas has been a sustainable company, respectful to nature, people, society. Now, more than ever, we have made the   2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development our personal goal. Now, more than ever, we are here to stand by our home, planet Earth.

Responsible tourism in practice for us means: Reducing paper waste,  unplugging what we are not using,  reducing plastic in our kitchen,  using ecological utensils and cleansers,  using refillable water bottles wherever is possible,  not using animals as means of transportation, shopping locally and supporting remote communities,  hiking or biking and most of all by mentoring young people. It’s a thoughtful, inspiring and a powerful way to guide someone towards a better future.

Trekking Hellas is an active member of the http://adventuretravelconservationfund.org/, supporting projects throughout the world. Every year we undertake voluntarily the cleaning of hiking paths & beaches and we support local suppliers and communities. Our children camps have incorporated in the daily program environmental education and socially responsible practices.

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Although environmental protection is an integrated part of our daily operation, we feel we can do more. So this year we officially measured the ecological footprint of all Trekking Hellas group and came up with the below figures. For 2019 our overall aim is to reduce the use of plastic water  bottles and to limit the use of paper.



Use of disposable plastic items during activities 33% 67%
Use of plastic water bottles – 2019 Target to reduce 83% 17%
Use of eco washing detergents 70% 30%
Purchasing from local producers 62% 38%
Recycling 83% 17%
Use of energy saving bulbs 95% 5%
Use of tablet instead of paper for booking forms – 2019 Target to reduce 15% 85%

Another threat, we all need to look after is over tourism. The effects of over tourism can seriously threaten the natural environment we all live and organize our tours. Trekking Hellas, has designed programs to less touristy and equally beautiful areas all over the country, expands its operations through out the season aiming to attract travelers in less busy months and offers programs like night hiking in touristy areas like Santorini. You can read more here


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