Greek Islands Hiking Tour: Tinos, Naxos, Amorgos (Self-Guided)

Greek Islands Hiking Tour: Tinos, Naxos, Amorgos (Self-Guided)

Discover three of the most beautiful and representative Greek islands with breath-taking views in our specially designed hikes

Throughout the year (excluding July-August)
9 days
Greek Islands Hiking Tour: Tinos, Naxos, Amorgos (Self-Guided)
Price from €1390


Explore the islands’ authentic culture! Enjoy your stay at charming boutique hotels or friendly guesthouses. Experience the unique Greek islands, from a different angle. In this tour we are visiting three of the most representative though different Cycladic islands, Tinos, Naxos and Amorgos. We have selected the most scenic routes combining also the distinct cultural elements of each island.

  • Tinos, famous for its characteristic dovecotes, is full of picturesque villages and windmills. Tinos is today exactly what Delos Island was to believers in ancient times. Twice a year, on March 25th and August 15th, pilgrims inundate the island to visit the famous church of Virgin Mary (in Greek: Panagia).
  • In Naxos hike among the gigantic Kouros statues and visit Koronos one of the most authentic villages of the island.
  • In Amorgos marvel the endless big blue and visit the monastery of Hozoviotissa built on the cliffs in a dramatic setting.
Day 1
Arrive in Tinos island – Hike Chora - Xobourgo - Koumaros - Volax - Falatados
Day 2
Hike Pyrgos – Ysternia – Kardiani – Agianaki Bay
Day 3
Hike Chora Tinou - Ktikados - Kionia - Chora Tinou and afternoon Ferry to Naxos
Day 4
Hike Melanes – Kouros – Apano Kastro – Halki
Day 5
Hike Koronos - Lionas
Day 6
Arrive in Amorgos island
Day 7
Hike Asfondilitis – Chozoviotissa – Chora
Day 8
Hike Aigiali – Lagkada – Tholaria – Aigiali
Day 9

Activities / Schedule

Arrive in Tinos island – Hike Chora - Xobourgo - Koumaros - Volax - Falatados

Embark the ferry from Rafina port to the island of Tinos (ferry ride 2-3 hours depending on ferry). Upon arrival transfer to your hotel in Chora.

We go up to Xobourgo the old Byzantine fort of the island via an old, paved path. The view of the Aegean is remarkable. We continue walking down to Volax, an isolated, small, sparkling white village in the middle of a plateau surrounded by hills of round granite blocks and we return on to the village named Falatados the second biggest settlement in the island, with the imposing Cathedral and the famous House of Scetch. Transfer back to Chora and overnight in Tinos.

Meals: Lunch Box – not included

Distance: 11.8Km /7,3 mi, Elevation: gain 780m/2559ft - loss: 388m/1272ft

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Highlights: chapels, granite rock formations, local artisans, rural scenery

Overnight: Tinos: or upgrade

Hike Pyrgos – Ysternia – Kardiani – Agianaki Bay

This hike passes through the most important and interesting marble villages of Tinos. We start from Pyrgos village renowned for its beautiful, whitewashed alleys, squares with cafes and marble sculptors. Don’t miss paying a visit to the marble museum, before starting your hike. From the interior of the island starts our hike sloping downhill towards Ysternia with an impressive view to the west and the island of Syros, offering spectacular views to the Aegean Sea. Crossing this tiny village before continuing to Kardiani village, a gem of Tinos, you will be amazed by the narrow alleys, the churches and vistas from this glittering in the sunny village. The trail continues on to Agianaki Bay, and it slopes downhill from “the marble-paved road” to the impressively wide, marble paved trail ending to a beautiful, tranquil beach.

Meals: Lunch Box – not included

Distance: 9,5Km/ 5.9 mi, Elevation gain/loss: Elevation gain: +490m/1607ft -/loss :540m/1771ft

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Highlights: Spectacular Sea view, traditional villages, marble quarries, terraces, secluded nice beach for swimming

Overnight: Tinos: or upgrade

Hike Chora Tinou - Ktikados - Kionia - Chora Tinou and afternoon Ferry to Naxos

Today we discover the picturesque villages and dovecotes of Tinos. Following an impressive medieval paved path (kalderimi), we visit the old village of Ktikados, the heart of traditional dovecote architecture. During the hiking tour you can stop for an optional coffee, at the traditional “kafeneion” of Ktikados. After Ktikados, we continue hiking through the famous medieval stone terraces that have nicknamed Tinos “the manmade island”. We descend enjoying panoramic view to the sea and then we reach Kionia beach, location of the Ancient Temple of Poseidon. After an optional swim, we return to Chora hiking parallel to the seaside street.

Meals: Lunch Box – not included

Distance: 10.4Km/6,4 mi Elevation: Gain:469m/1538ft - Loss:472m/1548ft

Duration: 5 hours

Highlights: chapels, granite rock formations, local artisans, dovecotes

In the afternoon travel by ferry to Naxos. (Ferry ride 1-2 hours depending on ferry).

Arrival in Naxos, transfer and settle to your hotel.

The rest of the day is free to relax, the Naxian way: swim in the turquoise crystal clear Naxian sea and then walk and explore Chora, the capital town of Naxos. (All Greek Island capitals are nicknamed Chora, which literally means “the place”). Chora has an interesting mix of Venetian and Cycladic elements, and despite tourism, it has kept its authentic and traditional character. Above the port stands the impressive Venetian castle, and in the northern part of the capital, a long-paved road leads to the Temple of Apollo and the famous Portara (Big Door) which is the gate of the temple. Whilst strolling the harbour we encounter fishermen, vendors selling local produce, yachts docking, images of what Greece is all about.

Overnight: Naxos: upgrade

Hike Melanes – Kouros – Apano Kastro – Halki

Today’s hike starts from the village of Melanes. Hiking through hills and streams with medieval watermills, we reach the ancient marble quarries, location of the Kouros statues. These larger-than-life statues of young men, predestined to hold on to a temple roof, were abandoned incomplete by the ancient sculptors when they discovered faults in the marble. We then follow the path to Ano Potamia picturesque village. After a short refreshing stop at the village’s spring, we hike to Apano Kastro (Upper Castle), to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Naxos town, the mars-like landscape and the surrounding villages. We continue onwards via Tsikalario little village to Halki, where we can visit Valindras small distillery, producer of Kitron (the local alcohol drink of Naxos, based on citrus).

Meals: Lunch Box – not included

Distance: 9,9Km/4,9 mi Elevation: gain277m/912ft - loss: 202m/666ft

Duration: 5,5 hours

Highlights: gigantic man-sized Kouros statues, local distillery, beautiful small hamlets and villages

Overnight: Naxos: upgrade

Hike Koronos - Lionas

A spectacular walk takes us to an isolated area with mountain views. We start from Koronos, an authentic village away from mass tourism. We hike down a fertile valley, admiring the island’s endemic flora and fauna. Several masts from the emery mines’ historic cable railway can be seen. Its story inspired a recent documentary named “Emery tales”. We pass through a stable where we could acquaint two men preparing the famous local cheese, the myzíthra. We then take a short climb, arriving on a protruding rock high above a grand gorge. The panoramic view from up here is stunning. Finally we descend to Lionas bay where we can swim in its crystal clear pebble beach. Optionally, we can enjoy lunch in one of the two authentic family taverns, offering dishes from homemade products. Make sure you try their amazing homemade cheese!

Meals: Lunch Box – not included

Distance: 6,5Km/4,5 mi, Elevation: gain195m/640ft - loss:754m/2470ft    

Duration: 3 hours

Highlights: one of the most authentic naxian villages, minery cable cars and scenery, spectacular sea views, ending by the sea for a swim

Overnight: Naxos: upgrade

Arrive in Amorgos island

Today we travel to the famous Big Blue Island! Amorgos, one of the most beautiful Greek islands was still unknown until filmmaker Luc Besson shot scenes of the movie “The Big Blue” in one of the island’s famous beaches. Intrigued visitors from all over the world overtook the journey to discover the crystal clear waters and dramatic landscape seen in the film; Amorgos’ name became synonymous to the Big Blue.

Meals: breakfast

Overnight: Amorgos: upgrade

Hike Asfondilitis – Chozoviotissa – Chora

We enjoy one of the most popular hikes on Amorgos Island, following the old path (“Palia Strata”) linking the central part of Amorgos to the area of Aegiali at the northeast. We start our walk from the abandoned rural settlement of Asfondilitis, towards the impressive Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, the patron saint and landmark of Amorgos. We visit the Monastery, have a close look at this amazing 1000-year-old structure and enjoy the magnificent views to the endless deep blue of the Aegean Sea. We continue our beautiful hike amid one of the most breathtaking sceneries of the Aegean, arriving at Chora, (means capital) a very authentic village still intact from tourism and modernity.

Meals: Lunch Box – not included

Distance: 7.3Km/7.7 mi, Elevation gain: 737m/2417ft - loss:904m/2.965ft

Duration: 3 hours

Highlights: clifftop hanging monastery, breathtaking views, Chora settlement

Overnight: Amorgos: upgrade

Hike Aigiali – Lagkada – Tholaria – Aigiali

This morning we enjoy an easy hike passing through the mountainous villages of Tholaria and Langada. Traditional stone walls, beautiful chapels, terraced fields and views of the Aegiali bay are highlights. The hike is aromatic as the area is strewn with oregano, sage and many other herbs. On Tholaria village, we pass by the famous traditional “Kali Kardia” café. Back at our hotel, we have the afternoon free to enjoy beach time or other local activities.

Meals: Lunch Box – not included

Distance: 8,2km/4,5 mi, Elevation gain: 343m/1.125ft - loss:526m/1.725ft

Duration: 3h 30min

Highlights: rural settlements and scenery, scents of herbs, scenic views and traditional hamlets

Overnight: Amorgos: upgrade


Transfer to port.

Please note that depending on the season and ferry schedule, there might be alterations to the trip.

Important Info

In a glance

euro (€)
UTC+02:00 (EET)



3-star charming hotels:

  • 1.390€/pp for 6 participants
  • 1.500€/pp for 4-5 participants
  • 1.850€/pp for 2-3 participants

Single supplement 450€

4-star boutique hotels:

  • 1.680€/pp for 6 participants
  • 1.790€/pp for 4-5 participants
  • 2.130€/pp for 2-3 participants

Single supplement 650€

General Information

Participation requirements

Relatively easy hikes and activities for beginners (3 - 4 hours per day), good start for a first outdoor holiday. The walking is on a mixture of dirt tracks and well-constructed stone mule paths.

Our trips are designed for active people who enjoy energetic days. We expect participants to be in good physical condition.


Please consider taking along the following items on your trip. This is not a fixed list, but more of a guideline, so feel free to add and remove items as you see fit.
Greece has a temperate climate. Base your clothing on the “layering system”, if it is hot you can “peel off” layers quickly, if it is cooler and windy you can quickly “dress up”.


  • Duffel bag or rolling luggage
  • Day pack to carry a camera, water bottle, and snacks, etc.
  • Luggage locks and tags


  • Mid-weight polar fleece sweater
  • Rain jacket and rain pants, or poncho


  • Hiking shorts
  • Casual clothing made of light-weight fabrics
  • T-shirts
  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • Hiking pants, loose and easy to move in
  • Underwear
  • Swimsuit

Clothing Accessories

  • Sun hat or baseball cap


  • Lightweight and supportive hiking boots, broken-in with good ankle support
  • Beach sandals
  • Casual, comfortable shoes for evening


  • Sunscreen and lip protection
  • Sunglasses and retainer strap
  • Beach towel

Optional Accessories

  • Security pouch or money belt
  • Trekking poles or walking staff
  • Camera, memory, and batteries
  • Reading and writing materials
  • Watch with alarm or travel alarm
  • Travel pillow
  • Motion sickness remedies
  • Personal first-aid kit
  • Insect repellent (low risk)
  • Electrical adapter plug/converter
  • Your own personal water bottle. As part of our environmental policy and actions, we are committed to eliminating the use of plastic water bottles.

The lighter you travel, the easier you travel. Use your best judgment and pack as lightly as possible. You will appreciate light luggage towards the end of your trip.

Greek Islands Hiking Tour: Tinos, Naxos, Amorgos (Self-Guided)

Discover three of the most beautiful and representative Greek islands with breath-taking views in our specially designed hikes

Price from €1390



What should I bring with me?

  • What is listed above in Equipment section

What's the meeting point & time?

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