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In Memoriam, Michael Tsoukias

It was in 1985, when mountaineer and architect Michael Tsoukias decided with Christos Labris to found Trekking Hellas.

The legendary Greek climber Michael Tsoukias, was not just one of Greece’s foremost mountaineers; he was instrumental in establishing the foundations for the accreditation system for Greek climbers, and a pioneer in promoting outdoor activities, co-founding Trekking Hellas together with his friend and climbing partner Christos Lambris.

From 1985 until 2020 he was the company’s sparkle and CEO. A skilled mountaineer, he organised some of the most successful Greek mountaineering expeditions in the world’s highest peaks. A visionary and charismatic entrepreneur he introduced the world of outdoor entertainment in Greece. As a personality, he inspired hundreds of people with his stamina, visions, and ideas. He was a radical supporter of teamwork, by sharing his knowledge and showing trust to his team members.

The last years he founded and was president of HATEOA (Hellenic Association of Tourism Enterprises in outdoor Activities) which is member of EC-OE the European Confederation of Outdoor Employers. As president in Greece and a partner and a key expert in several EU projects he contributed immensely to the shaping and the future of the outdoor activities sector as a profession and set the groundwork for a pan European education system for outdoor guides.

On March 24th 2020, with deep pain and sorrow Trekking Hellas family mourned his loss, after 12 days of  battle to Covid-2019. Although, nobody could ever replace his charismatic personality, the team he managed to create all over Greece, will continue to support with the same enthusiasm and passion his vision. His spirit will be the sparkle to all of us to continue this wonderful journey he started up and we promise to make him proud and keep the sparkle shining.

In Memoriam Michael TsoukiasIn Memoriam Michael Tsoukias 1In Memoriam Michael Tsoukias 2In Memoriam, Michael Tsoukias 1In Memoriam, Michael Tsoukias 2In Memoriam, Michael Tsoukias 3In Memoriam, Michael Tsoukias 4

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