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Kalavryta, a traditional little town located in mountainous northern Peloponnese holds a lot of beautiful surprises! It is perched high above sea level on Mt Chelmos, just above the stunning Vouraikos Gorge. The 20- kilometer long gorge is part of the Chelmos-Vouraikos National Park, thanks to its lush vegetation and incredible natural diversity! Close to Athens, however pure and untouched by tourism, the Vouraikos Gorge is a marvelous hiking destination. During winter months, Kalavryta also becomes one of the most popular ski resorts in Greece. With 12 groomed slopes and 7 lifts it offers plentiful activities in the snow! Visitors of the area never miss the chance to ride the infamous "Odondotos" Rack Railway climbing its way up to Kalavryta. The ride is so beautiful, as the funicular passes through the impressive Vouraikos Gorge, that it has been described as "the most spectacular rail route" of the Balkan area. Packed with history and authentic tradition this area is surely worth a visit, offering an array of historical sites. The Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust. Monasteries of great significance like the Monastery of Agia Lavra, built in 961 AD and the Monastery of the Holy Cave, built in 362 AD, attract visitors from all over the world throughout the year. History, culture and natural wonders. The remarkable Cave of Lakes with its 13 subterranean pools and spectacular rock formations. The magnificently bluish green Lake Tsivlou at an altitude of 800 meters. And the 4th highest mountain of the Peloponnese, the legendary Erymanthus make this area a real gem. Trekking Hellas invites you to explore northern Peloponnese!

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