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In the wild and rugged nature of Preveza Tzoumerka, we create amazing outdoor experiences! Rafting, canoeing, canyoning and culture tours. Preveza Tzoumerka is a wild mountainous area, in northwestern Greece, between Arta and Ioannina. It is part of the wider Pindus mountain range. Discover the stunning scenery and the beauty of picturesque villages, with their rich, living tradition. Syrrako and Kalarites are two of the most renowned ones, with well preserved buildings and authentic people. Explore the unspoiled natural environment with roaring rivers, stunning waterfalls and impressive gorges. From the waterfalls of Kouiasa to fascinating caves, high peaks and of course the river Arachtos there is plenty to do every day! Enjoy impressive activities in or next to the Arachthos River, like hiking or canoeing! Aracthos is definitely one of the most impressive rivers of our country. Ideal for: nature aficionados, tradition lovers, activity enthusiasts.

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